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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 3:17 pm 
Hello to all phans ! I know that there is also a topic on the worst and best death scenes, but about all RPGs.
But here I'll not speak of the death scenes, even if it's not very far from it.

For me, it happens in Phantasy Star II...Can you find what I'm speaking about ?

YES ! The catastrophe known as the Great Collapse, in other way Palm/Palma/Parma's destruction by contact with the artificial satellite Gaira/Gaila in AW 1284 (see here : for those who doesn't know about it but I don't think there will be many ;) ) and after the destruction of Mother Brain, which resulted in a tecnhological dropout.

After roaming through the whole Algol Solar System/Algo Star System in the first episode, my first one (lucky to have started with...the beginning ^^) and especially on Palma it reminds me a lot of great souvenirs : Camineet, Baya Malay and many more.. I was impatient to be able to make so in the following episodes.

After the first one, I jumped with the third before the second and... at that time, I wasn't very old and my english wasn't as good as today (in a modest way...) and I think (but I can't really remember) that I wasn't very aware of the Alisa III story and palma's destiny/Fate...

But when I played the second one some years later?? what a shock ! Palma destroyed ? What a waste and a real devastation... but great idea indeed after many reflexions !
For me a saddest thing that the death of different characters (Who I'll note name not to spoil).

What do you think of it ?

PS : I also would like this topic to be a sort of "Palma Shrine" :)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 6:13 pm 
Oh, I'm with you there. I was devestated when Palm(a) blew up; like you, I LOVED that planet. Making Mota(via) sort of look like it in PSII just didn't cut it for me.

As far as character deaths go (and I'll spoil here), the one that touched me the most was Lyle, believe it or not. I'll admit to reading spoilers and knowing ahead of time that Nei and Alys died in-game and while those scenes were well-done, I was sort of prepared. Lyle's death had me shaking my fist at the screen...but then he did give his blessing for Thea's marriage to Ayn a few minutes later. :D

(This message has been brought to you by the flagrant overuse of spoiler tags. Made you look.)

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 10:10 pm 
Ah someone with me cool ! lol Devastated like the whole planet...:( Same about Mota(v/bia) ;) even if i like motavia too !! Its clear that in Phantasy Star II, the fact that motavia was a green planet could have been a little hint for the catastrophe that was ready to take place some hours after the beginning of the game...

Right about Lyle : very sad indeed :( But thanks to him, for some players in some games, Thea and Ayn were happy and had a lot of children (maybe ! after the adventure we don't know how many other children were born ;))

PS : greetings for your fanfictions !:)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 12:26 am 
Ok, there was one event that got me questioning whether I should keep on playing that stupid game after Nei died, what is only a proof of how good the game was.

Another moment that made me feel sad was Miun's death. I expected some kind of interesting development behind her, only to know that the development over her story was that she had waited for 1,000 years to die.

PS: If you will start reading our fanfics, you will have stories for the rest of your life :p

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 8:34 am 
You're right : the greatness of the games is often in great moments, even sad ones.
A yes for Miun you are sad that her[spoiler]presence was only : "I appear andat the end I just disapper!"[/spoiler] : never thought about it but yes !

In conclusion, there is a lot of dead ones in Phantasy Star...

PS : I HOPE to have sufficient years to read them all ! But stop writing now ! Lol ! ;)
No continue to amaze us and to write FF (and not Final Fantasy !^^) for the joy and pleasure of many readers !

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 2:24 pm 
If you count the zombies and other undeads, and all the people who died at Palma's destruction, then you have really lots of dead ones there :p

PS: Oh, I thought you wanted me to write a Final Fantasy game :p Although I have written Final Fantasy fanfics, I don't think Square Enix would like my radical ideas for a game plot :D

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 4:41 pm 
Very funny ! Never thought of the zombies and undead people ! But in that case they were really all that the same ? ;) and yes after all the dead people after the great collapse (could be possible to "build" others morgues like Guaron ;)
PS : Ah you wrote a Final Fantasy Fiction ? Cool :! If its about the first ones because after the sixth... :( lol but its not the place to discuss it !

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 11:12 pm 
I agree about the great collapse. I didn't understand it at first either, because I didn't play Phantasy Star I until years later, but the destruction of Palma, which was the main planet in the Algo solar system is just such a crushing blow, and it's the one event that I wish could be undone somehow.

augmentedfourth wrote:Oh, I'm with you there. I was devestated when Palm(a) blew up; like you, I LOVED that planet. Making Mota(via) sort of look like it in PSII just didn't cut it for me.

I don't think it was meant to replace Palma, epecially since it hadn't even been destroyed yet. The beginning of PSII is basically the Golden Age of the Algo solar system. They have 2 planets that are basically Utopias. I was always let down by the way Motavia looks in Phantasy Star 4, it justs like there is no place left in Algo that is really fit for life.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, '12, 12:43 pm 
I think that a lot of people on this site agree on the great collapse (more on Palma's destruction than Mother Brain's). Great shock at the beginning because I was very impatient to set foot back on the green planet of the Algol Solar System...but impossible ! :( And yes the shock is surely more important if you started the serie by the original...Like I did...undone ? I have sometimes dreamt of it but alas...impossible. But it's the choice of the writers and it's a huge one : something to be remembered ! And I think that on this side, it's a success :)

The introduction on Phantasy Star II tell us this :
Quote:Closest to Algo is Palm, the economic and intelectual stronghold of the system. Thinkers and Rulers live here, high in ivory towers, away from the hubbub of everyday life. Next is Mota, the shining jewel. This fertile farm planet is a tropical paradise, peaceful, prosperous, and happy.
On Mota everyone has everything they want. No one has to work hard - or even work at all.

The presentation of Palm(a) may have been a sort of hint about what was going to happen (a matter of discussion ! It's also why I have quoted this part of the instruction manual ^^ ) : maybe a society which is cut from others is doomed to disapear ?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, '12, 11:32 pm 
Yeah, I definitely think the fate of Palma was a huge shock in PS II. And that quote from the PS II intro is actually a really interesting point. I hardly even remember the actual text from the beginning of the game.

This is one of the reasons I love PS II. I think it has one of the most thought-provoking and progressive storylines of any RPG of the era. Human dependency on technology is a big theme in all kinds of speculative fiction, going back to at least Asimov, and PS II handles it pretty well. Then you have questions of eugenics and increasing automation, and stuff gets pretty scary. I don't think the series was always the strongest on the level of interpersonal dramatics, but Phantasy Star was pretty ahead of its time as far as social commentary. I mean, that paragraph from the intro to PS II sounds just like the beginning of an Ursula K. Le Guin story.

I think this kind of stuff is pretty cool for 1989-1990. Just having actual interplanetary exploration, settlement, and politics is always interesting.

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