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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, '15, 7:13 pm 
I heard on the news several weeks ago that some schools were eliminating snow days on their school calendars this year. Snow days are days that the schools provide for missed days due to snow, etc. However, many schools are now using the internet to see that any school days missed because of snow can actually be school days counted by the students using the internet to check on their school studies and do other assignments, etc.

This is great except, of course, if the students have no access to the internet, etc. However, these days it is rare for kids not to have some way to get online some way, although it is possible I'm sure. At one school I saw in the news report it was mentioned that every student there had their own laptop. That is great but not going to be possible for every student at every school due to incomes, homelessness, etc. And, many Library's have computers that people can use these days, but if the weather is too bad with snow, then the Library's may be closed and not available or the weather may be too bad in some areas to reach the Library even if they are open.

However, this no snow days does seem to possibly be the way of the future to some extent. Has anyone else heard anything about any of the schools near you doing this?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, '15, 9:29 pm 
As a former delinquent graduate of grammar and high school, I'm sure kids who will be absent or count on absences due to snow days, will be absent regardless.

I will have to check and see what the policy is for my nieces and nephew these days.
But here in Buffalo NY, its hard to imagine they would do away with 'snow days', since we have a history of massive snowfalls, that its engrained culturally now really.

Love learning, hate school.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, '15, 1:51 pm 
Not heard it here, but I can't see it gaining much traction, given how New England winter can be, especially last year, and people tending to use cognitive biases like availability heuristics, again, given last year.

The thing is on paper, it seems like a cheap, easy way to get around it and good idea. But, in practice, there will inevitably be issues that predictably, would affect the poorest students most - lack of home internet connection, libraries closing when no home connection is available, and homelessness. Internet connection, let alone GOOD internet connection, is still not something people should just assume as a given. Nor should it be assumed that students will actually do what they should in the online learning world - we're struggling with that at the undergrauate and graduate levels.

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