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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, '15, 9:39 am 
I assume that you all stay abreast of national and international news on a regular basis, so there's an awesome app called "next draft" --and basically what it is, is that every day, this focuses on 10 news stories that are national news stories, or world news stories, and in this app next draft, the people that make it up, pick the 10 "most important" news stories to report for that given day. They are concise, usually objective and factual, with references to research sources so that nothing is prone to an immediate bias. And the new stories are concise, but to the point, and the way that they rank on what's the 10 most important, it's pretty much that – – there are not articles about the latest celebrity or any nonsense like that – – it's real news that typically affects life.

I'm in love with it, and for the most part, the stories are actual news and not media nonsense, and the other positive thing I like too, is that there are no videos or any other nonsense like that, because I really hate it when you try to read a new story these days and instead you have to watch the (expletive) video that is usually a subversive advertisement. This is a concise, and good app, for getting the gist of what's going on in the nation every day.

Anyone else got any concise, to the point apps or news sources they use, regardless of format?

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