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Now, the article is a bit inaccurate and incomplete in a couple of places, so here's a bit of background- in 1990, there was a video game competition sponsored by Nintendo that toured 30 cities in the USA called the Nintendo World Championship. The competition had three age categories, and the goal was to complete a certain objective within a certain time limit on each of the three games in the competition- Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. At the end, the scores would be adjusted, tallied, and combined, and the ones with the highest scores in each group would be the winner.

A special cartridge was created for the event that contained contained all three games with the special settings for the competition, one which had an open case that allowed the staff to set the dip switches which would activate the time limit for each game. 116 of these special cartridges were created for the competition, and 90 of them were given away, one to each finalist in each age group per city.

One of these is what showed up on Ebay.

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Whah !! :o Impressive ! But more important than's he explanation ! Thanks for it as it's really interesting :) I didn't know that there was these types of championship throughout the USA :)

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Heh, whatever.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, '14, 1:00 pm 
I know about the "Caravan" tours in Japan and that there was some sort of championships for video games : that is a good method to make some ads for one of our prefered media :)

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