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 Post subject: New Super Mario Bros. 2
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, '12, 11:39 am 
A new Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS:


Classic and classy game!!! :clap:

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, '12, 5:52 pm 
Is this the one that's filled with coins? Some of the character designs are nice, with the gold coloring and such, but I'm not sure about the coin premise. Collecting coins was always a big part of the old games - to get extra lives - but the stashes were hidden away. Finding them for the first time gave a sense of accomplishment. I'm not sure removing that aspect of the experience by throwing tons of coins at the player is the best way to go.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '13, 6:21 pm 
This game is excellent ! I've tried it on a friend's 3DS some days ago andf the coin search is a great add ! I've not played the first New Super Mario ros yet but will try to find it one of those days.
THOUL : I can see your point of view but for once, a mario which is slightly a bit different...impossible to miss it ! :)

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