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 Post subject: Guidelines Update
PostPosted: Wed Sep 5, '07, 8:18 pm 
The Participation Guidelines have been updated. This is mostly a general update to clarify several areas, but there are some important changes as well.

Here is a list of the changes to the General Guidelines:
  • The main content guideline (the first one) has been split into two guidelines.
  • The first section of that guideline (now guideline #1) has been altered to replace "sexually-oriented" with "sexually explicit, adult." The sentences about the ESRB rating of the PS games was added.
  • The second section of the aforementioned guideline (now guideline #2) has been rewritten to clarify the self censoring rule.
  • Previous Guideline #5 has been broken into two parts and is now Guidelines #6 and #7.
  • Guideline #7 has been loosened to allow linking to other sites that may have content violating Guideline #1, under the subconditions listed. This is mainly to ensure that, for instance, linking to a news site or another general Phantasy Star site is allowed.
  • The ROM Guideline regarding official Sega releases was modified slightly (replaced "consist of an emulator and ROMs" with "may contain a ROM" and added mention of the Sega Genesis Collection).
  • For signatures, the file size of images was increased to 10KB and the size of a line of text was specified.
  • In Guideline #10, "personal information" was replaced with "personally identifying information."
The Fan Fiction guidelines have the following changes:
  • Added the point about roleplaying games.
  • The content guideline has been rewritten, similar to the general content guideline.
  • The self censoring guideline was clarified somewhat.
  • The guideline about referencing real people was separated from the content guideline and clarified slightly.
  • The languages other than English guideline was reworded.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 6, '07, 2:01 am 
Wow, and I thought it was thorough before. :D Nice work.

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