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PostPosted: Sun Mar 7, '10, 9:57 am 
At long last, I've added some additional Profiles. This batch includes Ayn, Mieu, Sari, Thea, and Wren. Lyle was updated. In addition, almost every character and place profile now includes an image gallery featuring the subject of the profile. The image galleries in each game's section are also greatly enhanced.

The new galleries give each image a unique page on the site. Here's the page for today's image, for an example. On this page you can find resizing controls for taking a better look at those smaller images, as well as information about images that were featured as images of the day. You will also find the tags attached to each image.

The tags are another new feature. They allow browsing for images that have a similar subject. For example, click the "alis" tag on the page for today's image (or here) and you'll see a gallery of images that have Alis in them. Thanks to the tags, you'll find a sample of each character's images in their profile pages, with a link to a gallery full of that character's appearance.

The tag system doesn't include all of the images on the site (yet!), but the majority of them are in there. The system will be expanded and enhanced in the future to get the rest, and all future additions, tagged for easy browsing. That includes fan art, which will also eventually be linked to the character profiles like the main galleries.

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