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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, '11, 6:13 am 
Maybe this has been talked about before but has anyone ever thought about Phantasy Star analogies to our world? I am sure there are others but this suddenly struck me as interesting today.

I was doing a lot of work on my multiple aquariums with tropical freshwater fish and I've been realizing that there is a lot of similarities to Mother Brain and her control of the Algo system thru Climatrol and Biosystems. The system or Mother Brain's network like the fish keeper myself our best to keep everyone happy and content even though it is a sort of synthetic copy of the way things are supposed to happen in nature, similar to the Motavia which would have not been hospitable to life

Since I've been trying to mimic the natural environment of where my fish friends come from with live plants and driftwood and the manipulation of temperature, food, disease control, breeding of organisms like beneficial bacteria and spawning of life forms thru breeding, and all the other environmental factors like water quality etc.

It's seems that each aquarium is like a self contained biosphere like domes on the planet Motavia. where if the Mother Brain being analagous the fish keeper makes an error things go wrong can result in disaster.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, '11, 6:02 pm 
Hm, an interest parallel. I think you've come across one of those rare things that hasn't been touched on before. :)

Every so often I hear about some bio sphere, where people go and live in a climate controlled dome for some length of time. That's probably similar to the Mother Brain concept too.

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