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 Post subject: Re: New Nintendo 3 DS
PostPosted: Wed Feb 3, '16, 5:26 pm 
Yes, resurrecting this thread. so I actually have a "New" 3DS XL (yup, still really dislike the name, seriously). Got the basic red model, recently put HORI screen protectors on that looks way better than any screen protectors I've had previously. Even though neither one is on 100% perfectly, I can't tell with normal use, and they both hide a couple hairline scratches I had gotten on my touchscreen very well. I also have a very cool Okami skin coming in the mail for it which I should get sometime this month (international shipping).

I had had a regular 3DS XL previously. The most noticeable things for me are that the 3D is much better, though I still seldom use it. The other really noticeable thing is the processing. It is so much faster at booting up games, downloading games/DLC, and browsing the web in the rare times I use it for that. Now, I will say that 4 GB is sufficient space for me, as I don't intend to download many games - so far I've only downloaded three. And of those, only one is a full retail release and a smaller one at that, the others are virtual console games that take up almost nothing. I also intend to download Pokemon Red when it's released. But if 4 GB isn't enough, I do understand that removing the microSD card in it is a very difficult operation if you want to get more storage capacity.

Now, I might be wrong as it's a bit unclear to me, but I THINK the special edition Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow New 3DS coming out in February in conjunction with their eShop releases are the smaller size. I know the Fire Emblem Fates bundle coming out soon is an XL. Personally, while I like the idea of the special edition consoles, I feel like Nintendo releases way too many of the things. I'd much rather personalize mine - hence the aforementioned Okami skin.

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