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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, '14, 9:21 pm 
I am really looking forward to seeing the new "Godzilla" movie when it comes out on DVD. Until then, here's some good news...there will be a sequel to this film and reports of those 3 that Godzilla will face in the next movie has already got me looking forward to seeing that one as well: ... 42987.html

It's a little early but do you think 3 enemies is too many or just enough for Godzilla in one movie??

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, '14, 10:21 pm 
I guess it depends on how it is handled. I would really like to see how it plays out.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, '14, 2:08 am 
Depends on how it's done. Godzilla has faced 3 enemies at once before.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, '14, 8:48 am 
Well, this new "Godzilla" movie is out on DVD now and so when I was in town today I bought a copy and when I got home I sat down and watched the movie. In my opinion, it started out pretty good and went all down hill from there. First, we hardly ever get to see Godzilla at all, except for the last 5 minutes of the movie which, imho, was the best part of the whole darn thing. Except when Godzilla fried that other monster, lol, sure do love to see him do that!!! :happy_marle: My biggest complaint is that the movie was so dark in the fight scenes that I could not hardly even make out what was happening, let alone see them fight. They should have given those scenes more lighting so they could atleast have been seen better. And, although I like the human side of the story too, I agree that too much time was spend on the human and not enough on Godzilla. Hey, that's why everyone wants to see a Godzilla movie is to "see" Godzilla!!! Anway, the big guy took care of business and will live to see another day. Can't get much better than that. So love the look of the new Godzilla too. Looking forward to the next sequel.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, '14, 4:11 pm 
I really liked it (watched it at the movie theater).

Before I watched it, I heard complaints from friends saying the exact same thing (that Godzilla did not appear but for a few minutes).

But when I watched it I confirmed what I had suspected. It was just like any other Godzilla movie *I* had seen (I have not watched that many, but still).

The movies would focus on the humans for a good part of the movie, then we would get glimpses of Godzilla that would reveal more and more of Him, and then we would get the big fight at the end. All of this while also giving exposure to His enemy of the day (they do have to sell the toys, after all).

I thought we got to see enough of Him (I loved the Hawaii sighting, although it kind of makes it hard to say "thanks, Godzilla" at the end, but that has always been His way: He may save us, but it is not as if He really cares that much about us).

We even got extended battles, thanks to having the two enemies.

I guess I see this as I would see a Hulk movie. People complain when we get to see things from Bruce Banner's side, like his fears, his anger, and how he deals with it. They want to see Hulk smash things. But I think a movie of just Hulk smashing things would be really boring.

Then again, we could ask for a balance, perhaps.

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