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 Post subject: New Game+
PostPosted: Fri Oct 8, '10, 3:24 pm 
I hope this topic hasn't been done already...

I recently finally got around to playing through Chrono Trigger. I played the sort of sequel Chrono Cross a few years ago and decided to go back and try the original. Both games had a feature called New Game+.

For those unfamiliar with the concept - after beating the game you have a new menu option at the title screen called New Game+. It allows you to start from the beginning based on a save file that you won with. You start at whatever level you were when you won, have some key items in your inventory, and can fight the last boss at just about any time. Based on when you fight the boss in New Game+ mode you get an alternate ending. I hear each Chrono game has 10-12 different endings.

It got me thinking.. how could New Game+ be implemented in the original Phantasy Star games?

Phantasy Star - The airport could be immediately unlocked allowing access to the Governor's mansion on Mota. There could be at least four different endings based on which characters have joined your party.

Phantasy Star II - I'd add a warp directly to the spaceship Noah from the tower in Paseo. With all the storyline events in PSII there's tons of potential for different endings. i.e. ending before meeting Darum, before fighting Neifirst, after fighting Neifirst but before Climatrol, etc...

Phantasy Star III - Since Dark Force isn't free until you remove Orakio's sword, I'd put an option to sail to the undersea palace at any time to fight him. Again there are a ton of endings that could be done - Rhys before meeting Lyle, Nial before/after freeing Alair, Ayn before/after freeing Thea, and so on...

Phantasy Star IV - The Dimensional Rift could be accessible from the start. Like PSII, there are a lot of storyline events that could be used to determine which ending you saw. Just being able to win with Alys would be amazing.

How would you do New Game+ if you could?

 Post subject: Re: New Game+
PostPosted: Fri Oct 8, '10, 3:49 pm 
I guess you went Chrono Trigger "multiple endings depending on when you battle the last boss" road. That's great. But personally, above the multiple endings thing, what I like the most in a New Game + is keeping all my level and stuff to breeze through the game story easier, and maybe have access to higher challenge (think Disgaea). That would be a must for me, because really, the way they did it in Generations 2, where you restart at point zero, with only a tiny chance for the resurection scene is really totally pointless.

 Post subject: Re: New Game+
PostPosted: Fri Oct 8, '10, 3:53 pm 
I'd like to see a Parasite Eve deal with PSIII, where you start the game over with all the best weapons (i.e. Nei and Planar weapons) and armor from the third generation, and would be hecka ready to "straight-up murder" your foes even at low levels. There'd then be a side quest, probably somewhere in Aquatica, where you could fight a different final boss (much like the Chrysler building), presumably the PD (although I'll just come right out and say that it wouldn't have to look like the well-endowed evil from PSIV).

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