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 Post subject: New Game Controller ideas
PostPosted: Tue Mar 6, '12, 9:34 pm 
Some people in Utah are working on some ideas for future video game controllers and it sounds very interesting: ... 10197.html

Anyone have any comments or Opinions on these new ideas for video game controllers, etc.??

PostPosted: Tue Mar 6, '12, 10:03 pm 
It's an interesting concept. I can see how feedback in the joysticks could enhance a lot of games, taking the fishing concept as an example. Lots of RPGs have a fishing mini-game where it could be used. The recoil for a gun is a neat idea, too.

I don't think it will be adopted by many controller manufacturers unless the cost is brought down, however. A standard controller costs almost as much as a game now. Adding an extra $15 to the price may not go over so well with consumers.

Personally, I always turn off the existing controller feedback functions. All they do is make the whole controller shake and that causes pain in my wrist. I'd be willing to give the joystick feedback a try, though.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, '12, 7:06 pm 
Interesting concept indeed. Nice ideas and very interesting article ! It causes pain in the wrist only if you play a lot ;) I'm not a "very long sessions" player so no problem but I understant that some gamers might find this a bit painful...

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