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PostPosted: Fri Oct 8, '10, 11:40 pm 
A new feature has been added to member accounts today. Each member with at least five posts can now select a custom username color in their Member Control Panel.

To find this option, click here or the Member Control Panel link at the top of every page, the Profile menu item, and Edit profile. The new option will be near the bottom of the page. There is a list of many colors, from which you may choose a new color to be applied to your username.

Please note that some colors have been reserved for special member groups, such as the moderators and Muskies winners. These colors are not available to prevent impersonation of group membership.

I hope every one enjoys the new feature. I have a feeling that things are about to get a lot more colorful around here. :lol:

PostPosted: Sat Oct 9, '10, 1:15 am 
Yeah its awesome Thoul, we should have a rainbow in this site very soon now!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 9, '10, 7:39 am 
Honestly, I'm not sure if it should be post count of five. Maybe times it by 10 so people have to be active. =D

Post count 50 for special colour? =D

But none-the-less. Awesome new feature. Though I think I'll just stick with my Easter Egg colour. ;D

PostPosted: Sat Oct 9, '10, 10:20 pm 
I thought about requiring a higher post count, but that required more work than I was willing to put into it at the time. ;) I felt it would be a good idea to just let everyone have access to this particular feature without much of a hurdle.

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