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PostPosted: Tue May 20, '14, 1:06 pm 
Nolan, of course, was behind the Dark Knight movies, which are probably my favorite superhero movies out there. I love the dark tone of them. He also directed Inception. Overall, I love his work and he's one of my favorite movie directors out there now.

Well, he's coming out with a new movie called Interstellar, and it's about humanity trying to find a new planet to move to after Earth becomes unsuitable for human life due to climate change. ... who-it-is/

It's due out in November. I'm pretty interested in this one.

PostPosted: Tue May 20, '14, 9:03 pm 
Yes it's very interesting ! As this story seems to have some common points with the second Phantasy Star isn't it ? People from earth who are forced to leave earth to find a better place.. hope those humans aren't going to finish like the earthmen in PS II with their greed and envy to Conquer Algo....

PostPosted: Wed May 21, '14, 12:20 am 
Haha, great parallel myau56.

PostPosted: Wed May 21, '14, 12:05 pm 
VistaBlade wrote:Haha, great parallel myau56.

For me, this parallele was obvious from the beginning :) Hope the end will be better ! ;)

PostPosted: Wed May 21, '14, 8:53 pm 
I was wondering what Nolan was up to these days. The new movie sounds very interesting. Nolan and Bale seemed to work good in the "Batman" movies and they are very good movies, although I wasn't too fond of the dark side and prefer the lighter side of "Batman", (especially the Michael Keaton side :wink:).

You know, this type of thing could very well happen one day soon with people of Earth looking for and trying to occupy another planet. There was a TV mini-series movie made way back in the 1980's called "The Martian Chronicles" that I used to see shown in reruns all the time and it basically dealt with people on Earth going and living for years on the planet Mars. Of course, it turned out there were Martians there too but you hardly ever saw them. Another Interesting movie, and there may be others.

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