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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, '15, 3:12 am 
Yes I know I'm a few years behind with this system, but I recently purchased a PSP and I plan on catching up on some games that I missed.

I was wondering, if there is a front-end or management PC-based tool or application for the PSP, for loading and unloading of games, settings, media, etc. In my mind I'm thinking of something similar to iTunes, but for the PSP. Does anything like this exist? I see that the PSP does have a mini USB port in addition to the charging adapter port, so I'm hoping that there is something along those lines for the PC or OS X or any other operating system.

So far, I find the PSP to be a little less user-friendly than for instance, the DS or the 3DS which have an excellent user layout. From the very moment that actually had to type words into the PSP, I had a feeling that This might be a bad experience. I wouldn't need a management type tool for 3DS but perhaps I am being partial to Nintendo.

But if anybody has any information they can share or knows of any such programs or something along those lines that help streamline this PSP business, your input is gladly appreciated.

Thanks again.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, '15, 6:07 am 
I searched around and turned up a few. One is called PSP Max Media Manager, and the other is called Sony Media Manager for PSP. That was all I was able to find with a few minutes of googling. I think the PSP was meant to work in tandem with the Playstation 3 to transfer some data back and forth, hence the mini-USB port.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, '15, 4:34 am 
Thanks Wolf, the I search I did also brought those up, but they are more so dealing with the media aspects of PSP, when I was hoping some of something that would deal more with the gaming aspect, or settings and layout of the PSP system itself.
I find it very difficult to believe that people even watch movies by movies for the PSP given the tiny screen size – – I think I'd be more comfortable watching something on the 3DS than the PSP. But either way, I'm not a movie buff or media buff.

The more that I use the PSP, I was just hoping that there would be some sort of application geared towards loading games or settings onto the PSP. Part of that is because the control scheme which makes typing or logging into things difficult when compared to the control scheme for the DS or 3DS.

I was hoping that since the PlayStation Network seems to place more emphasis on their networking capabilities and that stuff, I was hoping that there would have been some sort of streamlined gaming program for one to manage a PlayStation portable on the personal computer.

Who knows, maybe the PlayStation Vita has amended this, but I'm so far behind that I really won't know that even for a few years yet.

I suppose a girl can dream though.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, '15, 2:38 pm 
I haven't found such a tool for Vita either, but I find the Vita's native functions perfectly fine. Granted, I don't use it for anything except games and browsing the Playstation Store.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, '15, 1:28 am 
I looked at the Vita and was surprised that they haven't modified the controls any, to the point where it looks almost like a PSP. I would've thought they would've gone with Nintendo's route and included another screen, or touchscreen, bigger screen, or even just switch to the D pad and the analog stick locations since analog stick seems to be the preferred default for movement in most games these days.

I suppose I will buy a Vita when Phantasy Star is released on it, in the United States, so I suppose my 5 year delay is about correct.

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