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PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 6:29 am 
Microsoft is releasing a new controller for the Xbox 360 in a couple of months. This controller has a strange new feature in the directional pad. The d-pad can be rotated to allow for different control schemes that uses the pad. According to a Yahoo article, this is supposed to present an advantage in fighting games. There are some pictures of the d-pad in both positions on the official page for the controller.

On the down side, this controller is going to cost $65 US. That's easily equal to the price of an average game. I'm not sure how many of them Microsoft can reasonable expect to sell at that price point.

What do you think of the idea of controllers with configurable parts like this? Are there other buttons that you'd like to see made configurable?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 7:04 am 
Wow. You really have to love fighting games to pay $65 for a new controller.

However, I'm one to talk, since I have quite a few add-ons for my Wii controllers. Particularly, the motion control is definitely worth the money if you like games that require precision, like PGA Tour.

This probably won't be the popular answer, since I've noticed that the gamers at this site seem like the Xbox more than PS3 and Wii, but what I really like about Wii's remote is less buttons and more emphasis on the motion. However, this probably translates poorly for fighting games, which I don't play. Even in regular platformers and other games, I really like the use of motion, such as shaking or tilting the controller. I'd like for remotes to continue to be developed in this way. All those buttons on controllers get a bit redonk, if you ask me.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 9, '10, 6:39 am 
A controller for a new console is always a little awkward to me, because there are always new buttons added. Back in the day, I was happy with a stick and one little red button on the Atari. Now there's the Xbox with more buttons that I can keep straight. :lol: The simplicity of the Wii was a bit strange at first, but it was a welcome change to me. It feels and looks a lot cleaner and sleeker.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 9, '10, 7:06 am 
At first I wasn't sure I'd like the Wii remote, either. In fact, I found it off-putting how interactive it was, as if anyone really cared what I looked like swinging around/shaking/punching a remote. :D I also wasn't sure how well it would translate in regular games, but I'm really digging the use of motion in place of buttons.

Remember how you'd have to angle the Atari joystick to a diamond with the button at the top for Q-Bert? Now that's interactive! :lol:

And sorry, I just totally hijacked your X-Box controller thread. To continue that discussion: Honestly, there's too much going on with that remote, but I will say that the remote's disc has its upside. I gave up on fighting games years ago because I lack the dexterity to carry out really precise moves! (Heck, I can't even get complicated d-pad cheats to work half the time. Me: "Up, up, down, left, right, down, A, B, START!" *waits* *nothing happens* "Crap!")

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, '10, 1:58 pm 
I'd be curious to try that controller as I play Street Fighter 4 a lot on my 360.

But MS did a blunder here, if they wanted to make this a fighting stick, they should have placed six buttons on the front plate instead of 4. Then I would have gladly paid 65$ for a controller instead of the 120+ you're expected to pay for regular fighting controllers.

I learned to play decently with my regular controller but nothing will ever beat the feel of an arcade control.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, '10, 9:42 pm 
That's a good point. Historically, controllers aimed at fighting games have used a six button format. I remember having a couple of those myself on the Genesis and SNES. I suppose adding two more buttons might have been a more expensive redesign for Microsoft, but it would have increased sales somewhat.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, '10, 12:53 am 
I don't know if I'd pay $65 bucks for a new controller like this or not. A lot of buttons confuse me sometimes. Still, one can always get used to new things.

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