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 Post subject: Nestle Water and drought
PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, '15, 5:01 pm 
Don't know if anyone here drinks the Nestle Water or not but I found an interesting article concerning that brand of water and the drought they are currently having in California.

It seems like some residents who are having to ration their water supplies also want Nestle to stop making (or bottling) their bottled water while the drought and water rationing otherwise are still happening and they have drawn up a petition regarding that. I must say that I can see their point in some ways.

However, it is also interesting that Nestle has a several year contract with an Indian group there regarding water, etc.

Droughts have caused a lot of problems in recent years in many places with many residents having to adhere to restrictions and rationings. In my own state we have had a few years of droughts in the past but this past and current year we have had a lot of rain which has helped. In some places droughts are so severe that even a lot of rain doesn't help or may take years of lots of rainfall to make the situation better. ... ter/040915

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