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 Post subject: Video Game History
PostPosted: Wed Sep 3, '14, 2:02 am 
Interesting history of Video Games year by year and some of the significant events related to gaming that took place each year. It's a long read though. ... -in-gaming

Still hard to believe that video games have been around as long as they have.

 Post subject: Re: Video Game History
PostPosted: Thu Sep 4, '14, 2:56 pm 
Fun read. Rather educative but somewhat biased, this article is very Nintendo-centric.

A few errors as well, checking a few dates that sounded wrong but it may be regional release issues.

In the end, there is one thing this article reflects:

1970-2000 = VGames are first an unknown industry, slowly blooming and each new game introduces new concepts and ideas. New form of scrolling, new form of narrative, first usage of this, first usage of that etc.


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