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 Post subject: NES console hard games
PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '22, 5:50 pm 
The NES console is one of the most beloved gaming consoles and one of the earliest with many others following in it's path.

Of course some games for the NES may have been harder to play than others. In my opinion Super Mario may have seemed easy to play in some respects but even that game had it's hard or difficult movements at times.

The link below shows some possibly hard games for the NES. Some of the games listed include "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Silver Surfer", "Mega Man", "Zelda II: The Adventures Of Link", and "Final Fantasy" among others. Do you agree with any of these selections? Are there any other hard games for the NES in your opinion? ... li=BBnb7Kz

PostPosted: Mon Jan 3, '22, 1:21 pm 
Yes, there were so many hard games on the NES but at that Time/Period, many games were so hard !

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