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I found myself looking through eyes I didn't know I had. My first glance showed me underwater. I quickly tried to go up but I was stuck! Trapped to drown! Frantically I tried to go forward, but instead hit a wall of glass. I immediately set to work on breaking it.

"Stop! If you do not stop you will be killed!" My ears heard, for the first time. 'What a ridiculous being!' I thought. If I didn't get out I would drown, but if I did it would attack me. I decided to at least take the path the showed chances. Slim chances, but chances. I managed to break the glass and found myself fighting... something. It fired something at me, and I didn't realize it had a weapon of the type. Unable to react swiftly enough, the bolt hit me in the shoulder. It hurt a lot, but I was determined to get rid of the being. Leaping forward, I attacked it with my claws, and, in a short time, defeated the creature. I then took it's
weapon, but I couldn't figure it out. Then I saw another weapon. It looked like a thin stick of metal that curved about 90 degrees halfway through. I took the weapon, and, with a bit of practice, got used to it.

All of a sudden, loud sounds went off, interrupting my throw. I ran for my weapon, which, due to my startled throw, flew off without returning. Almost immediately, a passageway opened and 2 more creatures came in, both wearing the same thing the first being had, including the same weapon it had aimed at me. I through my weapon at them, beating them by a few seconds,
and leapt to my right to avoid their bolts. It worked, and a passageway out of... where ever I was opened up due to the bolts. Meanwhile, my weapon had severed their necks, killing them both. However, due to the thickness of their necks, I think, my weapon did not come back. I ran off without it, and in a short time escaped the city and fell asleep outside of it. Later, I began making a living off of the area I was, killing some game, which was unfortunately rare, and broke the membrane of a strange river, that most waters didn't have.

A year later, I think it was, 2 strange beings appeared. I thought I could kill them easily like I did the others in the city, but their skin was too hard. I could not penetrate it at all, and soon dulled my claws to the point of uselessness. I tried to run, but they were too swift. When they got close to me, one of them fired a bolt, much slower than the ones in the city, but I could not dodge it due to the short distance. When it hit me, it barely hurt, and I ignored it. However, I soon felt exhausted, and the 2 creatures caught up with me. They picked me up, but immediately afterwards I fell asleep.

I woke again to find myself on a cold, hard floor, much unlike I was used to. I sat up and looked around, and saw absolutely no more creatures. I got up on my feet and looked around, and intended to leave when a loud voice boomed "Ah, you have awakened" I spun around, but saw nobody. I immediately got into fighting position, but realized I could do almost nothing without
my claws. I turned and ran down a corridor, but it stopped abruptly, with no way out except one of the passages I saw at... where I was born. I shuddered at the memory. Was it all going to happen again? I could not forget what happened there. I nearly drowned. I nearly got killed. I barely escaped. I could not do it again without my claws. I turned around to see what
talked to me. However, like before, it ended in a dead end, with nobody around.

"Do not be afraid. I shall help you get rid of those who hurt you."

I answered. "Who are you? And where at you?"

"I am Mother Brain, and I am right in front of you!"

"I don't see anything, except for some metal..."

"I am that metal"

I stumbled back. I could barely believe the words.

"I will help you kill the Palmans who tried to destroy you"

My answer was immediate. I wanted no more... Palmans. "Yes, I accept your help..." However, something, some part of me was telling me that it was not true. That Palmans were innocent. I immediately shrugged it off. Mother Brain escorted me to a place called Climatrol, and explained much on the way. Such as the river, that imported water, and the creatures, the Palmans
who tried to kill me and the Robots who merely stunned me. I worked with Mother Brain, which I refer to usually as mother, but the part that told me Palmans were innocent seemed to have grown and grown.

Then, one day, I found myself woken up standing. I was in a small chamber. Opening the door, I found myself facing a clone of me, and I recognized the area as a cloning area. Suddenly the clone ran of, and I chased her, but due to all my armor and my weapon, a Boomerblade, a projectile blade my mother made, she got away and ran off with a submarine. I told Mother what
happened, and she told me not to worry.

I returned to my work, but a month later, the warning system went off. I continued my work for about an hour, ignoring the alarms, when a group came along, including a figure that looked like me, came. I recognized her immediately. I challenged my clone to a battle, but she was much to inferior to beat me. I finished her off easily, with barely a cut. However, what happened afterwards surprised me.

One of them ran forward to my clone. He looked as if he had lost a sister. I realized that could've been me. I realized that Palmans didn't mean nothing but war. And I realized this Palman cared more for my clone than Mother Brain did to me. I had to fight them, but I fought them with only half my will power. Soon, the one that had cared for my clone leaped at me in fury. I tried to dodge, or I didn't have the will power to dodge, but his blow came down on my head.
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