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PostPosted: Tue May 23, '17, 1:45 pm 
I am not a Biologist, but I am a Medical Doctor. And the point that Nei would die when Neifirst dies, has always bothered me, long before my interest in medicine. (who knows maybe it subconsciously influenced me.)

Its just strange. I dont know of any organism that follows this concept.

Here is the example of a Planarian worm, (which I totally chose as the example because it reminds me of the Planar Armour in PSIII, which is the strongest.)

If split in two, it regenerates into a whole organism--each split part does this. But if one dies, the other goes on living, not dying.
There are several more example of cases like this in organisms, or cases of asexual reproduction. For these reasons, it would make more sense that Nei would not die.


PostPosted: Thu May 25, '17, 12:53 pm 
Yes it's a bit strange but after all it's Fantasy and Science Fiction ! So why not ? :)
But the example of the Planarian Worm is really interesting ! :)

PostPosted: Sun May 28, '17, 11:39 pm 
It was just an excuse to take Nei away from the game anyway. Neifirst doesn't die if she kills Nei, and she can proceed and kill Rolf and his partners, ending the story. Besides, two organisms that are separated and can live independent lives for years, being hundreds of miles apart have any biological influence over the other.

The only explanation could be spiritual, but it wouldn't make much sense since Nei and Neifirst also have the characteristic of having different spirits.

Anyway, it was just a plot device to troll the players. They could have made Neifirst unbeatable, or at least impossible to beat without cheating and leave it at that. However, they prefered to make her beatable just to frustrate those who thought they could win and change Nei's fate.

PostPosted: Tue May 30, '17, 1:08 pm 
True that if Neifirst kills Nei (and that is quasi always the case !) logicaly she was to die immediately and ...miracle ! She is still alive ! (Portal ? :rofl: ) Absolutely impossible BUT maybe she possessed a special power ? Who knows...

But it's true again that Nei was condemned to die by the hand of Neifirst... alas... :cry:

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