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 Post subject: Nei, The word of Power
PostPosted: Wed Oct 9, '13, 9:48 am 
Do you think Nei, and Neifirst were named as such? And consequently, the Nei Weapons and Armours. If Nei meant "Power" in the Palmanian language, then, one could assume, yes.

A later note, I wonder why the Nei sword was changed to Elsydeon. Or do you feel they're 2 separate swords?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 3, '13, 7:56 pm 
I think it just changed names. In PSI it was just called "Sword", no special fancy name whatever. Some people will claim they are two different swords. The Neisword shows up again in PSIII, so it can't have been in PSIV. Then again, we also have possible time travel and the PSIII Neisword somehow ending up on Noah and coming back to Algol to be used in PSII only to make it's way to a ship and....argh my head hurts.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, '13, 1:13 am 
I guess it's watching too much Dr. Who that just allows me to smile and nod at this sort of thing.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, '13, 11:10 am 
Like Fogeltje was saying, it's VERY hard to tell ! My head is hurting too...
Laconian sword in PSI and I think that the material was the same for both Neiswords and Elsydeon but are these Swords the same ? Hard to tell but maybe in taking a look at differente materials such as artbooks ?
About the Neiswords, hard to tell too ...:(

And finally aboutb the names, Nei's meaning is POWER so for me they were named as such !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, '13, 7:31 pm 
Rolf: I dunno... our swords look the same. (slash slash slash)
Alisa: You have to hold that two-handed? It's not that big of a sword, Rolf... (sweatdrop)
Rolf: It's the wave of the future. You mean you don't have greatswords in your time?
Alisa: Nah, shields are kinda useful and I like having one.
Chaz: "Shields?" "Useful?" I told Alys that, and she actually agreed with me! Then she told me my swing was too slow.
Alisa: It kinda is, Chaz.
Chaz: I can still swing faster than Rolf!
Rolf: At least my copy of the Neisword is a Neisword! What the hell is an "El-see-dee-on?"
Chaz: It's the Elsydeon! Only the most powerful sword in Algo!
Alisa: I'm still sure it's the same sword, you two... u_u;
Sean: So what about mine? It's a Nei Sword, too.
Rolf: No, that's a cheap copy. The real Neisword is one badly-translated word.
Alisa: You mean like Magic Caps and Mogic Caps?
Chaz: ...There's a difference?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, '13, 9:13 pm 
lol SNORB ! :D

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, '14, 7:41 pm 
The Elsydeon is on the same planet as the Nei items were found on. The guardian items are exclusive to Rykros though, so I don't think they're the Nei items from PSII.

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