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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, '19, 12:55 pm ... ft/2079/1/

Figure: Drift
Release 2010
Size Range: Deluxe
Alliance: Autobot

Drift was based on an IDW Comic character of the same name. The transformation is pretty simple with a few minor issues when it comes to transforming the feet. He comes with two short swords and one massive sword. The large sword however is made of a much softer plastic and can easily bend. As far as range of motion goes. This figure has plenty of it. He can even hold the big sword in both hands. Also he has a clip in the back that he can connect the sword to. While the two short swords can tuck away in the doors.

The figure has been retooled/redecoed a few times. Such as Generations Blurr which I may cover at some point. Over all this is a solid figure from this time frame of Transformer history. It is still one of my personal favorites with in my collection. The only real down point to this figure is the issues with the plastic of the sword as it can be easily bent. While I understand why Hasbro/Takara decided to do this. I think they could have gone with a slightly firmer plastic.

"Drift Slices. Drift Dices. He can even bend it and it won't break! Take that David Beckham!" -Wreck-Gar

Review Score: 4.5

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, '19, 3:41 pm ... per/915/1/

Figure: Night Viper
Toyline: Beast Machines
Release: Mid 2000
Size Range: Scout

Beast Machines was a challenging time for the fandom. The animation models were impressive for the day. But the odd transformation style didn't always translate into decent figures. Night Viper was a character created for the toy line and transforms into a cobra. He is also one of the better figures in the line. The transformation is rather neat and pretty easy to figure out. Thanks to the use of ball joints their is a lot of movement with the figure. However the figure has not aged as well as others in my collection. During a recent inspection I noticed some stress marks on some of the translucent parts that make up the action gimmick. Might be the early stages of GPS. So if you find this figure on the secondary markets. Keep in mind that could be a problem. Still not a bad figure if you can find him.

"What's behind door number 2? Why you've been zonked with a night viper!" -Wreck-Gar

Review Score: 4

PostPosted: Sat Aug 3, '19, 8:05 pm ... ad/1430/1/

Figure: Bulkhead
Toyline: Animated
Release: Mid 2008
Size Range: Voyager

Bulkhead is fun figure. The transformation had some fun elements to it that make it fun and entertaining. While the action gimmick in the arm is not as well as I would have liked. The figure still holds up. Oddly enough when it comes to standing. Despite being top heavy with short stubby legs. The figure is extremely stable due to wide feet. Movement is kind of limited due to the way things move and the transformation. But still a very good figure in the collection that has held up rather well.

"Where is Skulltron? Oh wait! This is transformers not Super Rangers! Sorry Bulkhead! -Wreck-Gar

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