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PostPosted: Mon Dec 2, '19, 11:53 pm 
US President Trump and many other world leaders are gathering together in London this week for the annual NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meetings, etc. ... t-n1094376 ... death.html

PostPosted: Tue Dec 3, '19, 11:40 am 
Happy annual NATO meeting !

PostPosted: Thu Dec 5, '19, 12:43 am 
Well, I read today that US President Trump has cut short his visit and is flying home. Evidently, some of the other world leaders were having some laughter over a joke or statement they made at Mr. Trump's expense. Very sad when world leaders act like children when they are gathered together for a world event.

What is even sadder is that most of these world leaders are not even paying their fair share of the expense to keep NATO running, which President Trump has been very vocal about since the US should not be expected to foot the bill for everyone when they can afford to pay just as much as the US can and usually does, but for some reason the others do not.

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