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 Post subject: National Beer Day
PostPosted: Tue Apr 7, '15, 9:27 pm 
Today is National Beer Day, and supposedly the day came into being on April 7, 1933 which was news to me but you can read more about it here: ... cid=AARDHP

When, or if, you drink beer, what type/brand of beer do you like best?

Also, If you intend to celebrate this day, please do so in moderation. :wink: :proposetoast:

 Post subject: Re: National Beer Day
PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '15, 6:08 am 
I enjoy beer, but my alcohol tolerance is pretty low, so I don't drink it that often. Thus, when I do...give me something good. I like beer from craft breweries, and some of my favorites are Southern Tier (I may be biased in their favor as that brewery is located close to where I grew up), Dogfish Head, Stone and Ommegang. The mass manufactured and marketed stuff just tastes awful to me.

 Post subject: Re: National Beer Day
PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '15, 11:23 am 
I don't like eer ! But happy National Beer day to all the people who like it ! ;)

 Post subject: Re: National Beer Day
PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '15, 7:08 pm 
I'm quite a huge a fan myself, but I had no idea that yesterday was the official day of beer.
Like Wolf Bird, I myself am interested in craft beer, as I find many of the "commercial" beer brands to be quite all the same. They are almost all certainly Pilsner with a bland flavor. Craft beer however, has almost an unlimited flavor selection. That's not to say that all flavors are good, but with more variety there are more odds of good beer existing. Regardless, I am a craft beer enthusiast and I am a co-owner of a microbrewery.

I suppose that if I had to narrow my their liking down to a single country, I would choose Belgian beers, since they have some of the largest variety of styles, texture, flavor, etc. Than this, breweries such as Ommegang, New York-based brewery but specializes in Belgian style beers, fall into. 2 of my favorite styles of Belgian beer are Witte Beer, with Hooegarden being the prime example of that style, and then there is a special type of beer that has a double fermentation, made with fruits such as cherry or raspberry, and has a slightly sweet yet also tart flavor and this beer style is known as Lambic, with Liefman’s Kriek being one of the more famous examples.

I could really go on about this topic for several paragraphs, but I assume that most people are not beer enthusiasts here.

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