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Who else should be part of the crew?
Poll ended at Sat Jan 19, '08, 1:39 am
Alys 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Chaz 25%  25%  [ 1 ]
Hahn 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Rune 50%  50%  [ 2 ]
Gryz 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Rika 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Wren 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Raja 25%  25%  [ 1 ]
Kyra 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 4
Author Message
PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 1:39 am 
(Thoul: I thought this was the best section to post this in...move it if you want.)

I am a long time fan of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. After not seeing it for several years, I've begun watching episodes again on Google Video and YouTube and they're funnier than ever, probably because I get more of the jokes and references. Also, a couple years back, I found a website that had two MST3K style things on them with PSIV characters heckling bad internet fiction. Unfortunately, that site vanished, reappeared on the internet archive, then vanished from that too. I've done internet searches and have not been able to locate any others with PS characters, to my dismay. They may be floating around out there, but I haven't found them.

So, I want to try my hand at writing them myself, and my intent is to post them on this forum. But I need material first, so that I can have four PSIV characters sit there and make fun of it. I will use pretty much anything, and I'm already searching around for potential material. The one restriction is that I won't use PSIV fanfics, because I'm going to choose 4 PSIV characters to be the hecklers. If you have written fiction that you'd be willing to see MSTed, please send it my way. Or if you have found something on the internet you want used, also send it to me; if you do that, Thoul has requested I get permission from the original author first, so either provide contact information or contact them yourself for me, especially if it is fanfiction. This is probably the obstacle most likely to stop me me from doing this, but I'm searching the internet for info on authors who permit MSTing of their work; I don't really want to use stuff pulled from any source like, and I'm focusing on finding material on "bad fiction" archives, if you will, as some of them write intentionally horrible fiction for MST purposes, as well as things like movie scripts, political speeches, and even spam e-mail for this. I just don't want this to cause Thoul any problems with copyrights and that sort of stuff. You can send things to me through e-mail, posting in this topic, messaging me, or contacting me on AIM or Yahoo.

For the characters, I've already chosen Demi as one, since she's my favorite character, and the poll is for you to vote on the other 3; it'll last a week, but if I decide to extend it, I will. The three with the most votes wins, if there's a tie between two...well, I'll figure that out.

Link for mystery science theater 3000... ... eater_3000

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 2:10 am 
:lol: What? XDDD Whats a heckler?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 2:15 am 
People making fun of something. I should probably edit the poll question and provide an info link. XD

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 2:33 am 
I remember that program, but barely. I always thought it was kinda odd, but had some interesting movies at times.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 9:23 pm 
Ah, one of the great programs of all time. Wish it was on regular tv again so I could watch it daily, weekly, or whenever. Gonna be interesting to see the results of this poll.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 9:30 pm 
Going to be interesting and it will matter to some degree, as which characters doing the riffing will affect what kind of jokes there are, as I will probably try to have references to the game.

I'm just having small worries over material, as I don't want to create copyright problems and hurt feelings, so I'm steering away from fanfiction and instead looking at anything I can find in the public domain (old literature, old movie scripts, political speeches), and even better, spam marketing pitches! :lol:

If anyone knows of any archive of anything that is public domain, please tell me. I'm searching myself and bookmarking public domain archives all over the place for potential material, but any help is much appreciated.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 1:20 am 
I loved that show! But I can't say that I've seen the PSIV MST you mentioned... Either way, it sounds very amusing. I have a small request.; I'd like to see the PSIV crew making comments about the poor Zero Wing translation. :mrgreen:

My vote went towards Rune -- love the guy. ;) Though I was highly tempted to vote for Alys, since I love her personality. Kyra's another who I'd like to see make the list, but I suppose that it depends on who gets votes.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 1:27 am 
Tsunami wrote: I have a small request.; I'd like to see the PSIV crew making comments about the poor Zero Wing translation. :mrgreen:

Provide me a link or something to that Zero Wing translation you're referring to and I will see what I can do, Tsunami. :yes: And for characters, should the poll not clearly outline the other three, I'll turn to replies and see who people might've chosen for seconds.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 1:47 am 
We should have characters from Phantasy Star battling it out against Final Fantasy! XD That would be cool.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 2:27 am 
Here's the site:

The game intro text (which is the intended target :D) is right there, but it's just...hilariously botched up, so it's great to watch the game's intro, since it's all dire and serious. xD If you would like, I could try to brainstorm some more ideas. There's tons of internet zaniness, ya know?

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