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PostPosted: Sun Jan 9, '11, 6:17 am 
This is my character from the character selection screen. Final Fantasy XIV runs really laggy, even on a great computer due to Square-Enix releasing the game long before it was completely finished. While the game is free to play for the time being I got me a copy of the game and decided to play. I had to dumb down the graphics a bit, even with my superior graphics card just so the game will be responsive enough. The gameplay is great and everything its just Final Fantasy XIV needs alot of work before Square makes it for the PS3..Anyways heres my character from the game. My character is a Miqo'te, a cat-like race of women similar to the Mithra of Final Fantasy XI.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 9, '11, 10:18 am 
Interesting reminds me of the Viera species in Final fantasy XII. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, '11, 8:04 pm 
Your character looks great, Kaloes. Thanks for sharing it with us. :) I like the cat styling I see here better than that I've seen in screens of the previous games.

If the game is that laggy, I guess I'll skip it. My computer was top of the line a few years ago, but it's starting to feel it's age now.

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