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PostPosted: Sat Nov 6, '10, 8:56 pm 
This is a nice drawing, especially for being one of your earliest pieces. That said, you popular Amy bikini piece shows how much you've evolved since then.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 7, '10, 2:25 am 
Very nice drawing, Xander! Great work on the arms in my opinion. That looks kinda hard to do. I really like the cape too. Her eyes are very expressive. It may be an early work, and you've improved a great deal, but I think this one is pretty fantastic also.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 7, '10, 4:36 am 
I apologize in advance if I offend you with this post.

The character design is well-done. If that's your second piece ever done, then I have to give you credit, most beginners aren't that talented when it comes to art. If it's your second Phantasy Star piece, but not your second drawing, then disregard my previous comment. I suck, and I need to learn to read, apparently. On your next piece, I would recommend experimenting a little (you know, since you're trying to get good and all, which includes discovering other methods). For her outline, try using markers, and for whatever's inside of the outline, use pencil crayons.

You were right about the arms, but with practice, you'll become a master of it. The only real problem I see is in her arm that's raised. In the part that's attached to her hand, you can clearly see that her muscles are flexed a little, which does happen when people raise their arms in that manner. The problem though, is that the wrong part of her arm seems to be flexed. If I sit here and raise my arm in the exact same manner, the part of my arm that's attached to my torso gets bigger, while the portion that's attached to my hand says relatively the same.

...Maybe I'm just nitpicking. In any case, sorry. I do like the picture, though!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 7, '10, 12:30 pm 
If in doubt, always check the date it was submitted. ;)

Yes, this is my second piece of artwork ever, drawn with pencils that were waaaay too soft for the job and colour pencils that left a lot of gaps.
Fast forward to my latest piece of Amy art and see the difference from 4 months ago. I also plan to CG colour that one once I've completed my current piece.

And thanks for the feedback too. :) I always appreciate it if someone takes the time to go more in-depth on their critique and point things out.

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