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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, '17, 9:03 pm 
I downloaded the Japanese version of PSIII, and I've been playing the English a few days before which I also downloaded (not exactly the same as playing it on a consple, but still fun). There are two noticeable differences, one which I already knew about:

In the English version of the game, on the overworld, only clouds scroll. In the Japanese version, the ground scrolls too. In dungeons, the backgrounds also scroll. This is mentioned at the cutting room floor: ... ifferences

The other difference is that in the English version of the game, when a character is poisoned it shows a P symbol next to their name. In the Japanese version, their HP is replaced with a P symbol, and this makes poison even more threatening.

I think there are a few other differences too, but I can't confirm them. If you do know any, feel free to tell them here.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, '17, 2:59 am 
I knew about the scrolling thing, but I wish I knew what part of PS3 controls the scrolling - because that would be something I'd love to edit if I knew the right place in the disasm to target.

The English version I also believe has some localization changes, such as when the game is explaining the link between PSII and PSIII.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, '17, 1:03 pm 
Honnestly, I didn't know about those differences ! I've already printed those pages from the cutting room floor...but I've never read them ! Must do it as soon as possible ! ;)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, '17, 2:09 pm 
I just found out three more differences:

The Twistbot, Swivlbot, and Rotabot enemies are in the Japanese version, the Twistbot appearing in the Rebel Cave and Mystoke, the Swivlbot appearing in Mystoke, and the Rotabot appearing in Mystoke and Agoe-Shusoran's Island. The Roboman only appears in the Western Cave, and the Mechman only appears on the Agoe-Shusoran Island, and the Droidman ...this may come as a suprise, but...

It turns out the Droidman is absent from the Japanese game, and was only added in the US/EU release of the game. Pretty interesting.

Another change is that when you talk to Lena after beating the Lyle, the guard that blocked your way back will still be there, and you'll have to exist the castle to get him away.

The other change is that in Aquatica, the plankwalk thing that allows Wren to turn into an Aquaskimmer is in a different position on Sage Isle, it's to the west now. On the island with the Layan temple leading to Draconia, the plankwalk is positioned to the west coast, and not north of the coast.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, '17, 3:31 pm 
SCOOTALOO : Thanks about all those differences ! Must be hard and long to check all those différences between the different versions of "same" games ! :clap:
How did you do to find all of them ?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, '17, 7:58 pm 
I found them by playing the Japanese rom of the game :P

PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, '17, 11:25 am 
Ah ok ! And the answer seems to be evident lol ;) But you can read and understand japanese ? I know many words in Japanese but I can't really read it alas... :(

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