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Maia Sketch

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '11, 1:43 am 
Well, I decided to try something different and put my hands to work. I thought I could only draw stickmen, but I think I´m not that bad at it, after all.

I always liked manga arts and always wished to draw myself, but I´m not very talented. I tried to copy many times some drawings I liked, but the results were shameful. I surrendered to the fact drawing was not for me.

Well, I´m somewhat a dreamy guy and tried again, hoping it would be better this time. It ended a bit better, so I decided to publish anyway. Of course it just a sketch. The character, couldn´t be other one, it ought to be my beloved Maia. :D

After one hour and a half suffering with the might HP scanner, I had to alter the config, so my paper looks like it was wrinkled. At least the lines are sharp enough.

I hope it is not that bad for a first drawing. I used some Ozaki work as inspiration, but many of the details are my own. I didn´t try to copy any drawing. The results... well, you can judge them now.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '11, 11:02 am 
It's a very good drawing for a first try mate. I really like the detail you put into her eyes and her hair.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '11, 12:03 pm 
For a first drawing, you did some good work. Her body (from the neck down) is a bit thin in proportion to her head, but otherwise it's some admirable work, you Maia fanboy, you.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '11, 12:14 pm 
See ? I told ya to give it a go! :P

Being a first drawing I can't critique much, it's like beating a dead horse, but small steps improve so here are things to bear in mind for next time.

The hair sits a little too far off the top of her head. I can see what you were trying to do, but this makes it look like her head might be a little out of shape.
The neck is also a little on the long side. But that comes with practice.The arms aren't too bad either. Normally they come down to about mid-thigh level on most people.
Hips. Generally women have wider, more rounded hips. Wider than the shoulders in particular. Bear that one in mind.

As for copying from other drawings; don't worry about that. It's a good way to begin, it offers practice and quite honestly, I doubt there are many people who haven't copied from other drawings before. I myself, owe a lot of what I've learned to other artists simply by looking at their work for ideas, fixes, methods, etc. There is no shame in it. Never forget, it's how portraits tend to be painted as well. ;)

Also, allow me to relieve you of one misconception. A lot of people get into manga because they are led to believe it's easier to do than other, more realistic methods. As someone who is gradually moving into more realistic territory, I can tell you they are wrong. No matter what you choose it's difficult either way. It's simply a matter of practice and putting the effort in.

Anyway, do more please. :)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '11, 10:17 pm 
This is great work for a first drawing. I'm glad to see we might have another budding artist in our midst. :D If you stick with it and practice, you'll improve a lot. It's like the old saying goes, Practice makes perfect.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, '11, 4:32 am 
Why, tilinelson2, you are just full of surprises!!!! I knew you were a good writer from reading some of your fan fic stories and now I find out that you draw very well also. You are a person of many talents! :clap:

Very nice drawing. I especially like the arms and hands. Great job there. She looks very pretty. I hope to see it in color one day. :)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, '21, 12:01 am 
Another drawing submitted by tilinelson2 of the beautiful Maia!

Very good for a first time drawing! :clap:

PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '21, 1:59 pm 
Yeah ! A very very good drawing for a first one ! Impossible for me to draw like this, unfortunately ! :(

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