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 Post subject: My fanfics
PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, '10, 5:42 am 
I told Atlin on aim the other day that my writing can be considered my fanart, mostly because I can't draw all that well. So, my fan"art", for the consideration of Fringie voters!

Phantasy Star I
Phantasy Star Alternate
Tairon, Lutz, Nekishe, and Myau take up the struggle against Reipard LaShiec, and his newly-crowned evil queen, Alisa!

Phantasy Star II
The Magnificent Seven Return
hahahahahaha NO. I'm recycling the plot into Phantasy Star II: The After Years anyway.

Dumpster Diving For Fun and Profit
Rolf, Nei, Hugh, and Shir on a self-guided tour of Roron Landfill.

Rolf and the others have a chat on the prison satellite orbiting Palma.

Fun in the Sun
A day at the beach in Oputa. Humor! Romance! Amy in a skimpy bikini!

Phantasy Star III
Love in Cille
Ayn struggles to win Thea's heart. The Valentine's Day '08 classic!

A Handful of Dust
Mieu and Wren help Sean come to terms with his parents' deaths.

Memory of the Thorned Rose
Mieu receives a pep talk on romance. The Valentine's Day '09 classic!

Ripple Effect
A retelling of Phantasy Star III, focused on Prince Ayn of Landen and his eventual descendant.

Phantasy Star IV
This section intentionally left blank, because I haven't written any PSIV stuff.

 Post subject: Re: My fanfics
PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, '10, 5:51 am 
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've been reading a lot of your fanfic, Snorb, and I've really enjoyed it so far. Your PSII character interactions are wonderful. Keep up the good work! :up:

When I get some more free time (hahahaha) I'll write some more in-depth reviews.

 Post subject: Re: My fanfics
PostPosted: Sat Mar 6, '10, 4:56 am 
I concur with Tanith-chan. You have some SERIOUS writing talent, Snorb. Ya on, by the way?

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