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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 10:39 pm 
Today I upgraded the boards to the latest version of the software available. What that means in practical terms is that there are a few new features, such as quick reply forms at the bottom of topics. I also thought of a couple of neat extra rewards for all the Muskies winners.

For the Muskies winners, I have created new user groups for each level of the awards - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each group is awarded a special username color around the boards. They are also awarded extra private message space. The default is 50 messages a folder for a regular member. Gold winners now get 80 messages, Silver winners get 70, and Bronze winners get 60.

You can view the user groups you are a member of in the Member Control Panel. The higher level group overrides the awards from the lower levels, so if you won Gold and Silver for instance, you only get the Gold prize on this. Sorry, that's just the way the boards works.

On the board upgrade, there are a few other minor new features besides quick reply. Most of them are either disabled or escape me at the moment. Some I will be integrating in the site better in the coming weeks. If anyone notices any problems or bugs from the boards upgrade, please let me know.

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