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PostPosted: Fri Jan 24, '20, 1:28 am 
Mr. Peanut, longtime spokesperson for Planters Peanuts will be passing away as we will see during the upcoming commercial being aired during the Super Bowl. Also, here's a video with the article below.

Why In the world would they want to do away with this long time well known figure who has been a symbol for these tasty peanuts for as long as I can remember??? I also wonder what, or who, will take his place? Anyone have any ideas?? ... eanut-dead

PostPosted: Mon Feb 3, '20, 1:41 am 
Saw a commercial before the Super Bowl and it looks like we need to welcome Baby Nut. He is cute and should be around a long time. Still sad to lose Mr. Peanut but Baby Nut will be a cute substitution. Thanks to Kool-Aid guy's tears we have Baby Nut. ... ad/2233586

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