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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, '11, 7:33 am
Authors Note: Just a short story based on the last dragon in the Algol Solar system. It’s also my theory as to why the creatures never showed up in Phantasy Star IV.

A proud race we were, full of strength, high levels of intelligence and all were one with nature. We are, but now were dragons. Translated in the human tongue you could say my name is Moeglee and I am the very last of my species.

For thousands of years we dragons have lived in hiding minding our own business, we were talk of myths and legends, we were written about in fantasy novels and children’s story books.

The Motavian race spoke of us a divine reptiles that when encountered were considered a blessing to him and his family, yet they still feared our presence. The Dezorian race spoke of us as terrible beasts that would bring upon destruction and misfortune. They would make out we were creatures bluntly bent on killing and eating their race.

The humans would hunt us down and slay us for our bones and skin to make weapons and women’s hand bags and above all else gain their beloved messeta. They would gang up on us a single dragon out matched by several human beings all armed with weapons and shields to protect him while the innocent dragon stood defenceless dying a slow and painful death.

Yet what these creatures forget is the Great Light created us equally just as all his other creations. But our appearance was considered terrifying in their eyes; we tried to reason with all the races throughout the solar system, but they refused to meet our species half way, instead threatening us with their weapons.

We spoke to them through telepathic communication something which not to our knowledge frightened the races, it was considered unnatural to communicate through one’s mind. We were then compared to demonic creatures believed to be evil and serve the death incarnate Dark Force.

How wrong were they all. We fought those terrible beings and destroyed the underlings of Dark Force. They too feared our race just like the rest of the dominant life forms within Algol.

A time came when our race had met the chosen heroine of the solar system Alis Landale she was a little different to most humans we encountered, she was instead of fighting against us fighting for the solar system we shared. For this reason the dragons have always held Alis and Alis alone as the human saviour of this solar system. Such respect she showed us and how much our lives meant something, in turn we found a reason to live and believed maybe not all humans were terrified of us after all.

As such, all was wishful thinking when the stupidity of the human race had the emerald planet Palma destroyed. This caused well and truly over half of our population to decline, all innocent lives lost to the stupid acts of a few human beings rebelling against the Mother Brain, yet another human mistake.

The Mother Brain was responsible for driving multiple dragons to extinction as she recreated the land we lived on and had adapted to, only a small few of us could keep up with the ever-growing fast-paced changes of that malfunctioning software as it destroyed our desert homeland.

Then the time eventually came when we had all our resources taken from us to make the lives of the dominant races easier we lost countless homelands that were destroyed for their ever-growing population. They began to breed like a virus running out of control, before we knew it our species was down to a few hundred as theirs skyrocketed to hundreds of thousands, across all three races millions, it was an infestation beyond believable proportions. It all happened in such as short time and even with the loss of an entire planet.

Our species was worn to the brink of extinction as these races hunted biomonsters as part of so-called guild hunts or special missions we had our only means of food taken from us, they also used our fresh water, before we knew it only a minimal ten of us remained, all too weak to carry on we dropped one by one.

Before long we realised our race would not live to see the promised new millennium. The so-called era of peace that would bless all us races with good fortune and happiness after the root of all evil was destroyed.

I was once told a story that a race of humans existed in a solar system elsewhere and a race called the dinosaurs became extinct from a comet and live on in the form of fossils in museums. It is now certain that our race is going to meet the same fate.

Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to see my skull in a museum, maybe in time you will learn what enchanted creatures we truly were and how much we did for your solar system. It doesn’t matter now I suppose, it will be far too late before you could all realise how much you truly needed us and how much we truly wanted to be one with you in the beginning.

*Cough* It appears I’m reaching my limits do you see that blood falling from my mouth, what colour is it?

*Cough, cough*That’s right it’s red the very same colour as yours. Despite what you wanted to think we’re not all that different at all.

You despicable life forms I hope you get what you all truly deserve, I hope you all perish at the encounter of Dark Force and its creator. I then hope Dark Force and his kin perish as well, none of you deserve to live not after the torturous wrath you brought upon our race.

You will never see a dragon in the year AW 2284. That’s right tomorrow we will be the exact myths and legends you were told about. Nothing more than sacred reptiles in historical events driven to death by you all. I don’t know who the greater evil is at this point, but from where I’m standing now it’s not Dark Force at present. *Cough*


Dezorians, Motavians...HUMANS! *Cough*


Disgusting creatures...

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