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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, '11, 10:44 pm 
UPDATE: 8/17/11

New scene location photos. Expect to see lots of city in Phantasy Star Prime! The details have been ironed out and as it turns out, blocking off small sections of this city for shooting isn't as expensive as you might think.

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, '11, 10:02 am 
Beautiful scenery for the location shoots. :yes:

Very nice drawings of the weapons also.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, '11, 4:29 pm 
UPDATE: 9/23/11

It's been a little over a month since our last update, so I feel I should provide some information on Prime.

First of all, there's the usual. Writing, writing and more writing. I took two weeks away from the script recently to assist in filming one of our significantly smaller projects for YouTube, which is an upcoming sit-com series called Douchebags. As a writer, I had to switch up the tone of the things that I was writing so that the experience (of writing) didn't begin to feel stale over time, you know? Plus, it just needed to be done. I've had my head stuck so far into Prime that I nearly forgot that we have other projects to film! After all, as a film group, it's good to try and keep as steady a flow of content as possible.

Anyway, We now have plenty of footage for that show to keep me busy in the editing department and even more writing set aside for filming it, so I've begun writing Prime again.

In other news, I'm having one of my associates call our propsmith today to check his availability to work with us so that we may FINALLY begin construction on some of the weapons that concept art has been completed for. Finally we will begin to slowly reveal tidbits of physical progress beyond the first teaser trailer. The Sabra hilt and prototype CAST armor that was revealed last year (on have been scrapped in favor of better designs and a more talented propsmith.

Thank you all for continuing to follow our progress during the recent drought of news updates. We've just been really busy lately.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, '11, 1:31 am 
Thanks for the update!!!

Busy is good! :yes:

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 7:50 pm 
UPDATE: 01/15/12

Happy new year everyone! I feel bad that I haven't had much news for you guys in a past few months, but I'll update you on our status as of right now.

In the wake of heavy filming sessions for the "Douchebags" comedy series this past fall, which should premiere on YouTube any time now (as soon as our good friend Akaimizu is finished scoring the soundtrack for the show), the Done Right group has decided to take a winter break from the physical stuff and spend more time on writing and preparing material, both for Phantasy Star Prime and for the next year of YouTube content.

This break wasn't exactly planned however.

I've been getting questions from some of our PS:Prime followers asking when there will be more video content, whether it be another trailer or anything concrete, revolving around the Phantasy Star Prime films. My answer is that I aim for each new trailer that comes out until launch be more elaborate than the last. Obviously, the first trailer was very vague and barely got the point across. The purpose of that trailer was to tease the audience so that they would want to know more about what happens in the story. I didn't want, or expect, there to be this much time between the last trailer and the next. In fact, Teaser Trailer #2 has been fully planned-out for some time.

The reason we were forced to take a break from filming Trailer #2 for Prime is because it was slated to tease a few of the weapons that will appear in the first movie. Unfortunately though, our weaponsmith is trying to get some things in his personal life straightened out before we move ahead and assemble the team to help him build some of the sweet weapons we've mapped out. Some of the weapons that are set to appear in Teaser Trailer #2 are the basic Prime Saber, twin-pistols and a massive broadsword, as well as a brief view of a technique/TECHNIC being cast. This trailer will be yet another tease but will reveal a tiny smidge more about the plot.

I also went to NekoCon in Hampton, VA this past November and met with our voice actor for Epsilon himself, Kyle Hebert! It was very exciting to meet this professional voice actor face-to-face. He even autographed a crudely-printed photograph of Epsilon's face for us. We will scan the autographed photo and post it here in the thread whenever I have time to get to a scanner. I also have more weapon concept art that I have been keeping to ourselves for the time being. I also met with Chris Rager, the voice actor of Hercule from Dragonball Z and he was one of the most chill guys you'd ever want to meet! He's the kind of guy who would be great to have a few beers with and shoot the breeze. The voice actor of Axel from Kingdom Hearts was also there, but I didn't really have the time to meet with him seeing as how Kyle's time was limited due to the number of people who also wanted to meet him. Also, when I scan the autographed Epsilon photo, you will notice some black ink splotches leaked through the image. That is because Chris Rager signed the back of the photo before I could react. Oh well. Too much awesome for one sheet of paper if you ask me.

Speaking of Kyle Hebert, after his initial voice work for Prime, we had to drastically extend the script for the rewrite because we wanted to go all-out with the story. Kyle has not only agreed to voice Epsilon for the final version of Prime #1, but he will also be reprising his role as Epsilon for movies 2 and 3 as well! It's such a relief that we don't have to re-cast him after all he's done for us in the previous draft of the script!

In other exciting news, I am personally a member of several social websites but this was a real blindside! A couple weeks ago, I was approached and friended by a rather muscular Asian fellow whom I've never met before. I'm still not sure how he found me. After writing him and doing a little research on him before his initial reply, I discovered that he was a rather famous internet celebrity! On top of that, he lives in the same city we do! He was Jackie Chan's martial arts disciple for a while. He has also appeared on American Gladiators and many other shows and movies as minor roles.

His name is Xin Wuku, aslo known as the Urban Ninja. You can read his bio below:

This is the video he is famous for:

And this shows some of his martial arts prowess:

He and I have spoken very little considering how far away shooting is from now, but I have him on hold to help us out with fight choreography when the time comes... for a fee of course. I would never ask someone of his renown to help us for free.

Anyway, back to planning our activities for 2012! Thank you guys for being so loyal to the thread!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, '12, 5:29 am 
That's an exciting update! Please do continue to keep us posted! :)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 5, '12, 3:53 pm 
VIDEO UPDATE: 4/5/2012

Here is an update for April, 2012 regarding the Phantasy Star Prime project.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 5, '12, 10:02 pm 
Exciting update ! keep up the good work !:)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 6, '12, 12:45 am 
It's a shame that you weren't able to make progress during the winter, but I can understand that. There were some really cold days this year. It's got to be difficult to do any filming during that kind of temperatures.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 6, '12, 9:52 am 
Winter is often harsh, especially where he makes all these captations and filming sequences...

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