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PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '11, 8:46 pm 
The facts are out and it seems that movie attendance was down in the past year of 2010. ... 3d-movies/

Is that news surprising to anyone?

I can't think of all that many " major " movies that were released last year so it's not too surprising that movie attendance was down somewhat, especially with the poor economic situation and all also.

Where I live we only have about one major movie theater and they don't seem to be doing very well lately. Prices are so high and by the time you buy popcorn, coke, and whatever, it can get very expensive just going to see a movie at the theatre. It's cheaper just to rent a movie and stay home.

Comments and Opinions anyone??

PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '11, 9:15 pm 
It is really expensive here for movies as well. We have a local theater which is very small, yet they charge about 7$ for tickets, then they charge like 4$ for popcorn, 6$ for nacho's, 3$ for a soda, and ect. If you're gonna see a movie nowadays you better take yourself about 100$ for the night, especially if you take someone along with you.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '11, 10:26 pm 
I believe it. It's just so expensive these days ($9.50 a ticket around here, if I'm remembering correctly). I haven't seen a movie in a theater in about a year, even though I have two free passes on the refrigerator I have to use. I can live without snacks, but a certain someone who comes with me to the movies insists on getting a large popcorn...

PostPosted: Mon Jan 3, '11, 11:31 pm 
Yeah, the last few times we went to the theater we got some popcorn too and then wound up not eating it all. I don't know what it is that makes you want popcorn. I think it's just the popcorn smell at the movies that makes you hungry, lol.

Anyway, we stopped and rented some movies today and got several movies (new releases included) probably cheaper than the price it would have taken to spend at the movie theater for tickets there to see only one movie. We still have a blockbuster video here in our town but I don't know how long that will last.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 2:05 pm 
Indeed, the prices are are entirely crazy. Last movie I went to see in a theater was Pixar's Up. And we got hit with the unexpected $3 3D glasses rental fee, driving the ticket price to $9.50 each, and the 3D didn't even work! Rather I should say the electronic, IR activated, glasses didn't work.

The base price of a ticket has gone "Up" since then too. Believe it's now $7.50 per matinee (morning and afternoon viewing) ticket on a non-3D movie at the cheapest of the three local theaters.

At $7.50 per person, if you planned to take just one other person with you you would be better off holding onto that $15 and buying the movie on DVD when it gets released and getting to enjoy viewing it from the comforts of your own home. For that matter, you can "rent" a disposable (2 - 3 view) DVD movie from a Red Box vending machine for only $1. Even Blockbuster, which could close at any moment, doesn't charge $7.50 to rent a movie.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:29 pm 
I didn't go to the theater at all last year, even though there were some films released that I was interested in watching. The last time I did go, the price was $10.50 per person for the matinee. Nighttime showings were priced higher. For two people, with Cokes and one shared popcorn, it was around $35 per visit.

So instead I skipped all the movies I wanted to see in the theater this year. I rented one of them for $2.99 at Blockbuster this weekend. $2.99 to watch it as much as I want over three days, versus $35 for one viewing. There's just no contest.

On the bright side, apparently the local theater has realized that. They've cut their prices to $1.50 for all shows - 14% of the previous price. I've no idea what snacks cost now, but a price cut that dramatic actually has me considering a return during the spring or summer seasons. The counterpoint is that they're not getting movies until a couple of months after release. The movies on screen now were released in October, but are just now showing up here.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 6:09 pm 
I actually love to go to movie theater, and go there a lot of time during the year. But yes, the price for the popcorn, drink and all that is crazy expensive....expect in the one theater we're going. They still sell all the standard theater food for crazy price BUT they also had restaurant (Mainly Pizza Hut and PFK) that sell an entire meal for 10$, large drink included, which you can bring with you during the movie. So yes, when going there with my girlfriend, it costs me 40$ for both of us. But granted I have an entire meal at the same time (which mean we always go there between 4h00PM and 6h00PM), this seem less like a waste.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 6:25 pm 
As I don't eat nor drink anything while going to the movies, it is not so expensive for me, though I'm not so used to go to the movies. Here in Brazil, DVD rental is not so cheap, but they always sell some cheap movies, so I'd rather buy some classics on DVD for less than the cost of one ticket at the theater.

But I hope going to see more movies this year than I did last year (2 movies) and 2009 (0 movies). Well, I've already beat the 2009 mark :p

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 10:36 am 
I went to the movies "like whoa!" back in the States, but I rarely go over here (I think I've been the theater four times in the last six years: Meet the Parents; House of Flying Daggers; the third X-Men film; and Spider-Man 3). Why? I guess because it's both expensive and because my schedule doesn't always allow it. I do hope that I get back into the swing of things later on, but I'm not holding my breath.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 6, '11, 7:04 pm 
It's called The Moviepocalypse, SS1, and it's happening alot quicker than we think! What's the Moviepocalypse? This should explain: ... lypse.html

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