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"Wanna get whupped again?"

"Wanna get whupped again?"

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 3:06 pm 
Ok, it's time for my latest piece of fanart to show itself.

As the title and picture implies, this is all to do with Chaz, Rune and their constant bickering throughout PS IV. :D

I had originally tried to have it so Rune was grabbing Chaz by the collar but that didn't work out properly because I had drawn Chaz too far away from him. A dozen failed attempts at drawing a fist were just as fruitless as well so I decided to just leave it as it is. Maybe when I get better at drawing hands I will eventually throw one in, but as it was, I was marking the paper terribly and had to stop before I made it worse.

All in all, I'm still chuffed with how this came out, considering I haven't been in my best mood for doing much drawing and such. Besides that, if I may say so, my methods seem to be improving ever so slightly. I find that once I get started on a piece things just seem to flow a lot easier and I make less mistakes.

Anyways, enjoy it and please leave your comments and critiques. :)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 5:27 pm 
Ah... I can see you used the Compendium here (can tell by Rune's outfit) for reference. I know most of the PS4 images off by heart, so I can tell which images you're using. ^^ Not too bad, but Rune's head could use with a bit of resizing. It's quite big, and his hair makes it appear even bigger. His profile looks decent, though. As for Chaz, can't see any errors there. He is the easiest PS4 character to draw, so if you need to practice, churn out those pics. Never mind my dislike of the kid. ><

Hey Xan, have you checked out my earlier drawings yet. That's how I started out. It's terrible. :lol:

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 6:10 pm 
Well funnily enough I have 2 Chaz fanart pieces on my list of things to do. One straight from the compendium just for the sake of it and another original piece. I have noticed he seems quite easy to draw. His hair certainly isn't as hard to draw as others, in my opinion.

I have seen your old drawings thread. Quite the contrast isn't it? :) I think looking back at your older drawings is one of those rare moments when you don't feel nostalgia but something along the lines of "Did I draw that?" or "Good thing I got better at it." :D

I mean, here's my first ever drawing. Aptly named as well.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 6:16 pm 
Much better than my first attempts. :D

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 7:40 pm 
Really?! I always thought this one was pretty nasty and out of proportion, nevermind the fact that the pencils left a ton of white behind. :p

Actually, I should go and do this one again later just for the sake of seeing how it turns out. But I have 3 more to do in the meantime.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 10:38 pm 
Pretty good as usual, Xander. But you know me, I have to give you a little constructive criticism. ;) Rune's face looks sort of flat, especially his nose. His nose also looks too close to his mouth, so his profile in general looks a bit weird. I know he's supposed to look kind of sly, but the proportions just look too off to me. On the other hand, Chaz's face looks fantastic. ^^

PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, '10, 10:58 pm 
I think the problem is that I made his nose too big. If I'd shortened it and moved it up his face a bit then it might have helped. I wish I noticed these things before I finished the drawing up! :p I think I need more practice drawing faces from the side. Better get to looking at those tutorials again. ^^

I have 2 pieces of Chaz art coming up, the reason being that the first is practice for the second one. Then it's about time for an Alys piece and maybe a redo of my first ever drawing. I'd like to try some PS III stuff but reference pictures are almost impossible to find for some characters so I'll probably do some manner of PS II stuff instead. :)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, '10, 10:16 pm 
It's a very good piece. I agree that Rune's nose may be a bit too long. His chin is also a little too big, I think. The combination of the two lengths, with respect to the placement of Rune's ear and other facial features, make his face look long.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, '10, 11:11 pm 
Gah! I knew I should have left it short. I knew there was something off about it when I made it a bit bigger. The chin area was the biggest pain to draw when I last did a side view. More homework for me then. :D

On a side note I started my next piece today, though I didn't have much time and so at my usual slow pace I got the head done in about an hour. :p But it's looking really good and now I've got that part done the rest just has to follow on from it. I might have it done by the weekend if I get peace for it. :)

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