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PostPosted: Sat Jul 6, '13, 10:02 pm 
We'll be okay for the time being, but we're probably going to have to hire a lawyer if our injuries don't go away.

I was driving on the highway, leaving about 6 car-lengths between me and the car in front. He stopped quickly, so I did too. And safely. The guy behind me swerved, and a good thing too, or he would have rear-ended me. I was so relieved. And then.... *SCREECH!!!* I was like, "Oh no, please don't-" Half a second after that, my truck was smashed from the back at 60 mph. As if that wasn't bad enough, he smashed us into the car I safely stopped for. It was the "boxcar effect". It was a three-car crash. Like I said, mom and I are okay for now, but we're still in alot of pain.

As for damages, well, I'll have pictures later. I can't get to the tow yard until later. My Chevy S10 is destroyed. There is nothing to be salvaged. We were rear-ended by a full size GMC Sierra, a company truck. I did not get a ticket, because I did nothing wrong. The guy I was smashed into said it wasn't my fault, and even the guy who swerved said the GMC was tailgating and driving too fast. The GMC driver was cited for "Failing to provide proof of insurance" and "Following too closely". That's at least 8 points on his license.

If anything though, at least I got him as bad as he got me.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 7, '13, 12:53 am 
Oh my, very sorry to hear that you were involved in a car accident. Hope you and your mom's injuries heal soon, and even though it sounds absolutely awful, I am glad that it wasn't any worse than that (life threatening, I mean). Driving a vehicle on the highways in this day and time is so scary. I have my license, but I rarely drive if I can help it. And, congrats to you for driving so well and trying to avoid possible trouble to begin with. Hopefully the one that ran into you will learn a valuable lesson from this on how not to drive next time. Sorry about your truck!! :grouphug:

PostPosted: Sun Jul 7, '13, 1:39 am 
Well, geez! At least you and your mom are alive! Too bad on injuries, though...I assume insurance is covering medical costs? If the guy was drunk or on a cell phone at the time of the crash, he could really get nailed for that legally, especially as he caused a three car accident. Make sure you look into such impairment regulations if you have to sue for damages. At least you did nothing wrong...but of course, as often happens, those doing nothing wrong often suffer horrible consequences from the carelessness of others.

Best of luck to you getting whatever damages you're entitled too. Hope you're injuries heal soon, and you get a new car. Keep us posted.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 7, '13, 4:26 am 
Wow! I am glad to hear you are both doing fine.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, '13, 11:09 pm 
Thank you all for your support. Mom and I may have to hire a lawyer if she doesn't stop getting dizzy for no reason.

And now for the pictures. These were taken at the tow yard.

Before the crash:
Front, Back

And after the crash:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

As you can probably see, the cast-steel frame for the rear receiver hitch is twisted and warped, the steel bumper split like a banana. And if you click here, and here, you can see the bed and bed-liner have caved in.

It's what happens when a GMC Sierra 3500 hits an S10 at 60 MPH. State Farm hasn't even seen it yet, and I know it's totaled.

*sigh* What am I kidding? It's destroyed. And I will deal with this while I try to help my mother along the way.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, '13, 1:57 am 
Sweet Mother of...... wow.. glad you and your mom are ok for the most part.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, '13, 2:06 am 
Well, sheesh. I really hope insurance gives you a good reimbursement for a new car! Wow. The driver of that other truck probably deserves to lose his license, especially if he was drunk or on a phone.

Glad you're at least in one piece, after seeing that.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, '13, 7:31 am 
It is appreciated. And thank you. *sigh* This has been a very bad week for mom and I. Things that your would otherwise just brush off, agitates you.

And now, I just got word from State Farm, that the Sierra driver deliberately lied about the crash. He says, "He hit the truck in front, and then I hit him". And I know he lied, because of the two people that saw me stop for the truck in front. And they both said it. After I get another truck, I'm saving money for a dash cam. It's bad enough we have dangerous drivers on the road, but bad and dishonest is inexcusable.

I am sorry, I'm not usually like this. Things will get better soon enough. So help me God, things will get better.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, '13, 12:30 pm 
Whoa...he LIED?! This is when things get serious. There should be more than enough proof (not just witness testimony) that the guy who was actually responsible for the crash has lied, especially if it affects your insurance claim. NOW it might be worthwhile to pursue legal action. This guy REALLY deserves to lose his license, and in court, if you/a lawyer could prove he lied about the crash to an insurance company, I'm quite sure there'd be hefty legal repercussions for him, the least of which may or may not include insurance fraud.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, '13, 3:17 am 
Eeep, how scary! I'm glad you and your mother are okay!

I'll second the suggestions to lawyer up now. I get a lot of lawsuits involving car accidents at my job, and most cases settle before they ever get to trial, so you'd likely get something. Document EVERYTHING. Car accidents are pretty hard to lie about due to where the damage is, but that means you have to have a record of all the damage. (The more photographs, the better, so you're off to a good start.)

The wheels of justice do tend to turn slowly, so you might as well start getting all your ducks in a row now. In a perfect world, everything will get settled without the legal system, but it's good to be prepared and protect yourself. Good luck!

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