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PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 4:40 am 
Now.. let's compare japanese Kein to english Rhys Xd Are they different? Is their reason to hunt different?


I remember nothing but my name, Marlena...
But now, I have no troubles. All because you're here, Kein...

(Kein and Marlena walk to the throne room.)

Knights in the service of the royal family of Riik!
I, Kane Sa Riik, do proclaim
that here today, Marlena and I...!?

(A dragon flies into the castle and grabs Marlena.)

Ha, ha, ha! I am a disciple of Laia! I am reclaiming Princess Marlena!

(The dragon and Marlena vanish.)

Mar, Marlena!
Where did you go?!
Just you wait, disciple of Laia! Knights of the lakes! Knights of the
mountains! Knights of the forests! We are going to seek out and destroy
that heretic!

Fool! What do you think you're doing, calling out the royal knights and
rushing off the start a war and chase after some "disciple of Laia" that
you don't even know where it went!
Maybe in the dungeon you'll cool your head and think about your
responsibilities as a prince!

(Guards step forward to take Kein away.)



I am honored that you want to marry me, Rhys. Perhaps
someday we will find out where I'm from and who I am!

(Rhys and Maia walk to the throne room.)

I, Rhys, do take thee, Maia, to be my....

(A dragon flies into the castle and grabs Maia.)

Filthy Orakians! Maia will not be yours!

(The dragon and Maia vanish.)

No! Return her, you foul dragon-spawn of Laya! I'll
find Maia if I have to search forever! I'll take the
army to destroy Laya's clan!

Don't be a fool! No one has seen a Layan for over
1,000 years! Starting a war is not a rational thing
to do. Cool off in the dungeon for a while!

(Guards step forward to take Rhys away.)

You can't stop me from going after her, father! I'll
find her again, and I'll bring her back! I swear it!

From my reading it, In the english version Rhys WANTS to rescue Maia dearly. He's determined to get her back no matter what.

Japanese? He wants to punish the Heretic for stealing his property. He isn't concerned with Marlena, just with killing the person who took her.

Japanese Kein is more property/Hot princess oriented and english Rhys is sincere.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 4:57 am 
I don't know... I don't really get the "property" vibe from that passage. Rhys does come across as more concerned about Maia than Kein, I'll agree, but I just don't get "Maia is property" from either one.

On another angle, I just realized Rhys wanted to "destroy Laya's clan," but Kein only wants to destroy the dragon. Kein seems a little less bloodthirsty. A desire to wipe out a clan entirely isn't a noble trait in a hero, so Rhys loses some points in my eyes there.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 5:37 am 
You're prolly right Thoul. I took Kein in the original as thinking Marlena was his hot wife to be and she got taken and no one takes his girl. Sort of like a Krull quest.

I reconsider my stance ^^

English Rhys seems to care a little more for Maya than the original Kein did.

We also have japanese the dragon saying he's a disciple of Laya. But in english, it is never said. So did Landen people believe Dragons belonged to Laya's clan?

Let the analysis of Kein vs Rhys begin!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, '10, 12:16 pm 
In my opinion there is almost no difference between the two. Kein is more laconic than Rhys, but I think it comes more from cultural differences in expressing feelings.

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