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PostPosted: Mon Jul 6, '09, 12:38 am 
I imagine you'd have to be in California to even have a chance at getting one of those tickets. I hear a lot of people are getting them and selling one. Apparently the people are receiving two tickets, but it's somehow fixed so that only one can be sold.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, '09, 8:03 pm 
I realize this is a bit late, but bear with me since I've been unable to compute for the last few days and am just now catching up. :wink:

Did anyone here watch the funeral for Michael Jackson which was shown on tv, or win a ticket to go there in person????

I was able to watch it on TV. It was done very beautifully, I thought. Although it was incredibly sad to me to watch it. I still can't believe he is gone. I felt so sad for his family, especially his kids and his mom.

I thought one of the best parts was when Michael's brother Jermaine Jackson sung what is supposed to be Michael's favorite song "Smile". Jermaine sung that so beautiful, even though it must have been incredibly hard for him to do it as emotionally as it must have been.

And, what do you think of the golden casket for Michael? I think I heard singer James Brown had one like that.

Oh yeah, I also thought it was cool that Michael's brothers, who were his pallbearers, wore a white, beaded glove on one hand ---- which was kind of Michael's signature, and this they did in honor of their brother. :clap:

Any other comments or opinions about the funeral?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, '09, 10:02 pm 
That was a pretty busy day (and week, really) for me, so I didn't even try to watch it. I heard it lasted most of the day; I doubt I would have had the patience to watch it that long, much less attend it. I guess the casket is good if one can afford it. With all the media talking about Jackson being in a huge amount of debt, I'm surprised he had someone so elaborate. I guess the music sales in the first couple of days after he passed on will probably wipe out any debt like that, though.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, '09, 10:33 pm 
Didn't watch it, didn't really care about it one way or the other and I certainly wouldn't have had the attention span to watch the entire thing. I'm surprised about the casket, given how much debt he had. I hope music sales spurred by his death make up for how much that thing and the funeral in general must've cost. I spent that day visiting the New England aquarium (if anyone ever goes to Boston, the aquarium is awesome!) and taking a boat tour of Boston Harbor.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, '09, 7:22 pm 
Instead of making a new topic, I thought I would just post this here about a Omer Bhatti, who is possibly MJ's son.

Click here for details!

Honestly, I think it's great that he had a secret son. According to Joe Jackson, it looks like Micheal did spend time with him. WEll, we can only wait and see what happens from this news development in time.

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