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PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, '14, 8:48 pm 
Meta Knight is returning to Super Smash Bros. in the upcoming new game due later this year. He seems to be a very complex character who causes a lot of mixed feelings in many video gamers. ... 03548.html

What are your thoughts on Meta Knight and his return?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, '14, 9:30 pm 
Good old Meta Knight. I actually like him a lot as a character, he's very cool and mysterious, but he did wreak havoc on Brawl competitively. I remember when large parts of the community wanted to ban him, especially one of the tournament heads in Texas, where there's a big Brawl scene. But like the article said, it didn't take. Personally I think he caused some problems in the game (such as ledge stalling, which is called planking in Brawl, scrooging, and the annoyance of time-outs) but his matchups aren't that crazy. He's not, like, Super Turbo Akuma level or Marvel vs. Capcom 2 top tier level by any chance. He has the best chance to win a given tournament, but a number of other characters in the game are quite viable and have won major tournaments time and time again.

But yeah, I think the Meta Knight hate was over hyped in Brawl. He was a problem, but a few minor rule set changes took care of that. Still far and away the best character in Brawl competitively, but not by an insurmountable margin.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, '14, 4:59 am 
Never played Meta Knight, never had strong feelings. My roommate in college played him, but my Ness bested her Meta Knight pretty easy.

I still find it hard to be excited about the upcoming Smash. I'm either jaded to it anymore, or I just don't care because they have yet to make an announcement for the inclusion of the aforementioned Ness.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, '14, 12:14 am 
For me, he is a big meh. I'm more excited about the likes of Rosalina, Pacman, & Megaman, and happy with the return of Sonic, Lucario, and Ike.

Still no Wolf though... :(

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