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 Post subject: Burger King snacks
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, '09, 3:52 pm 
Awhile back there was a topic here on some new Burger King snack items, like bagged chips, etc., that had just come out. I tried to find that topic to post this, but I couldn't find it so I started this new one.

Any way, over the weekend, I found a bag of the Burger King onion ring snacks at a local dollar store in town. I bought a bag to try them as they were only a dollar (from the dollar store :wink: ). Anyway, I tried them and to me it certainly does not taste like Burger King onion rings. I think Burger King has some of the best onion rings around anywhere. The snacks do not taste like that, in my opinion. They remind me of the Funyans onion snacks also, with a little different taste. I probably won't buy any more as I didn't like them that much, but still it was cool to find them. I wonder how all the Burger King snack products are doing in sales, etc.

Anyone else find any of these snack items anywhere and have tried them? If so, what did you think of them?

 Post subject: Re: Burger King snacks
PostPosted: Tue Aug 4, '09, 3:09 am 
Personally, if I had found them, I probably wouldn't have tried them. Stuff like that, food branded with a restaurant's name and sold elsewhere, is never the same in my experience. I tried something like that a long time ago, though I can't recall what it was off hand. It was just horrible and nothing like the "real" thing. I guess those restaurants just license their name out to a company with an existing product.

 Post subject: Re: Burger King snacks
PostPosted: Wed Aug 5, '09, 11:40 pm 
I think I am acquiring a taste for these snacks. I ate them and they weren't all that bad. I think it's because I like onion chips/snacks and they fit the bill....kind of.

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