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Authors Note:
This is a mini story put together with old notes I had as long ago as December last year (2010). It takes place after the original Accepting Fate storyline but isn't part of second saga itself. Expect to meet a certain character from Phantasy Star IV as well.

The Saccubus is also the very same boss that appears in Phantasy Star 1. It's supposed to be Dark Force, but for this story to play out it's an entirely different creature.

Advisory: There are some reasonably dark themes in this fan fiction.

Chapter 1: Nightmare

“Huh, where am I?” Autumn asked herself looking around.

She was in what appeared to be some kind of very, very slow moving vortex with certain parts of it coloured, black and other parts coloured purple; both colours we're intertwining with each other slowly spinning themselves to infinity.

Autumn looked around, everything seemed almost like a dream. She then looked down and noticed she was still wearing her purple summer pyjamas. “That's right I went to sleep, so I should be dreaming now”. She then looked at her hand and raised it to meet her face. Then forcefully smacked herself in the cheek.

“Gaaahhhhh!” she screamed falling to one knee, after the hit. “I'm not supposed to feel pain in dreams! That was a really good hit though” she replied complimenting herself, a very dark red mark was certainly imprinted on the left side of her face.

Something in the distance of the vortex caught Autumn's eye all of a sudden. She turned her attention toward it and her eyes widened. “That face, I...I've seen it before!” her voice seemed to tremble as she spoke to herself.

It's head was round and had a very dark husky looking skin to it, the upper-lip of the creature revealed a very sharp set of fangs. Two red star shaped eyes could be seen glowing from within it's sunken eye holes. It then spoke to Autumn “Wiggle, Wiggle!”

Something inside Autumn felt like it just died. Obviously the creature was toying with her it then began to laugh hysterically in a very deep and demonic voice as thousands upon thousands of baby sandworms appeared to emerge from the vortex. They were all rather small, some of them were brown in colour and others appeared blue, but they all seemed to be coming toward Autumn, there was no way should could escape them. She turned and turned and turned frantically trying to find an exit; but this strange place had nowhere to run and even if she did, she'd end up worm food anyway.

Autumn felt her heart beat as a slimly creature wriggled it's self up her bare leg. She was to terrified to whack it off she then began to breath heavily as another five started climbing up her. They crawled all over her, inside her hair and her clothes, it was horrible there was at least a hundred on her by now but from what she could see there was thousands more still coming.

Then it happened. Suddenly one worm made its way into her mouth as soon as that one disappeared into it all the rest seemed magnetised by it and darted into her body. All the while Autumn could hear the repetitive but haunting voice of what appeared to be the face of Dark Force laughing in enjoyment at her.


“Wwaaaahhhhh!” she screamed as she sat up in her own bed. She had sweat all down the font her her body and her heart was beating extremely fast, should could feel her blood racing through her. “...Sandworms...” she whispered to herself “...I hate them!” she shivered.

Suddenly something long and green fell in front of her face. “Huh, whoa!” Autumn in a mad panic began smacking at it furiously, she stopped however when she realised it was just a piece of her hair. She then flicked her hair back, it felt quite heavy considering it was drenched with sweat. “Man, I smell like and armpit, I really need a shower” Autumn told herself quietly climbing out of bed. She looked at the alarm clock and seen it read 4:35am. It was still very dark outside. It was amazing how calm the vast Motavian desert was during the early hours of the morning.

She turned on the light in her room and opened up some drawers, and began frantically searching for her regular blue beach style clothes, tossing other unnecessary clothing onto the floor behind her. She then bunched up all her clothes and quietly crept out of her room and and shut the door behind her trying not to wake Elisa who was in the room next to her, or the rest of the house.

She tried her hardest not to slip going down the stairs to the bathroom considering the soles of her feet were still wet with sweat. (“What a horrible dream, I haven't been that terrified in a long time”) she thought to herself as she reached the bottom.

She was just about to open the bathroom door when she heard Will. “Hey kiddo what's up, you're sure up early today” he replied.

Autumn turned and looked at the well-toned scruffy blue-haired hunter. He was wearing causal clothing but had a rather large backpack over his right shoulder. He was obviously making his way to the Hunter's Guild probably to do some early work before the day really started.

Before Autumn could answer his question she seen his expression become worried. “What happened to your face Autumn?”

Autumn's eyes widened she suddenly remembered in her dream smacking herself across the cheek to wake herself up. It was a really strong hit too, so it would no doubt leave some swelling or at the very least a bruise. Could the mark still be there, but how it was just a dream right?

Autumn pushed open the bathroom door and ran in to look at the mirror. A very dark red looking mark was sitting on the left side of her face. It was almost a perfect hand print. “But how?” she asked herself. She dropped the clothes she was carrying on the floor in shock. Images of the worms appeared again and even scarier, that horrifying evil head. She felt sick.

She slightly jumped when she felt a hand touch her on the shoulder.
“What happened, did someone hit you?” Will asked

“, I, I ran into, a tree, yesterday on the way home from the Guild” she lied. Not looking away from her reflection.

“Okay... if you say so...” Will responded. He then rubbed the top of Autumn's head messing her green hair up. “Hey listen if you want to talk about anything I'm always here okay kiddo, I gotta go now though I’ll see you later today. I have something special to tell you as well” Will then turned and closed the bathroom door behind him leaving Autumn staring blankly at her reflection in the mirror.

(“That numan really worries me sometimes”) Will thought to himself with a sigh.

After a shower and getting changed Autumn walked out from the bathroom she walked passed the main clock in the kitchen it read 4.56am. No one else was awake this time of morning but she never felt like going back to sleep. Autumn pulled out a chair and sat down in the dinning room. She put both hands on her forehead and looked down at the table. “How strange” she told herself. “That face looked very similar to Dark Force.”


“Hey Autumn!” a familiar voice shouted “Autumn wakey wakey!”

Autumn looked up and realised she fell asleep at the table it was now 7.05am on the dinning room clock. She then turned her glance and looked at the young motavian girl before her. It was Isa she was looking rather cheerful this morning, then again she was quite cheerful every morning.

“What a strange place to fall asleep did you have a big day yesterday or something. What time did you get home from the Guild last night?” Isa cheerfully asked.

Autumn paused for a moment thinking “Ten-thirty I think” she replied.

“Yeah I was out like a light by then” Isa replied turning and making her way over to the kitchen. She was wearing her usual pink robe and had to bows on her head. Her blue fur was combed neatly unlike most motavians who would never bother to comb their furry feathers.

“Morning girls!” another familiar voice said. Autumn turned around and saw Hank making his way into the room. He was wearing a long yellow robe he was also the older brother of Isa and was best friends with Will. His blue fur was all messy and scruffy like the majority of their race.
“Morning!” Isa replied cheerfully. Her red eyes glistening.
“Hi..” Autumn simply replied.

Hank walked over to the numan girl who still had her face buried in her arms on the table. Hiding her bruised cheek from view.
“Feeling a little out of it today?” he asked.
“Yeah, kinda” she replied
“Well look after yourself kid, I'm going to the Guild to meet Will there, he left early this morning” Hank replied turning to head out of the house.

“Wait Hank don't you want breakfast?” Isa yelled but Hank had already left the house, the front door slamming shut behind him.
“Yeah figures” she replied to herself slightly annoyed.

“Good morning, ladies” a very polite voice said. Both girls turned and saw Elisa climbing down the stairs she was wearing her usual white dress and already had sandals on her feet. She had a very friendly and calm presence to her.

Autumn suddenly jumped up an idea no doubt stuck firm in her mind. “Elisa can I please talk to you?”

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