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 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Fri May 23, '14, 12:18 am 
Bumping this up a bit early for Memorial Day this year which is officially observed on Monday, May 25, 2014 and is traditionally observed on May 30 each year. Tomorrow, Friday, will begin what we call the Memorial Day weekend where people will start their holiday celebrations, etc. So, here's hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend and week next week remembering and honoring those who sacrificed their lives for their country as you have your cook-outs, parades, vacations, and other times of enjoyment. Remember.....freedom is not free!!! We salute and honor all those in all wars and nations who have lost their lives in service to their country, and we Thank them for their service! :salute:

Happy Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend everyone! :usa:

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Wed May 20, '15, 11:26 pm 
Almost time for the Memorial Day celebrations to begin again for another year. This upcoming weekend many folks will begin celebrating Memorial Day weekend festivities. Memorial Day itself will be officially observed on Monday May 25th this year I believe, while the traditional Memorial Day remains May 30. Whatever day you choose to celebrate, remember the meaning of the day and those who served their country. Enjoy the day. :usa:

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Fri May 22, '15, 8:26 pm 
In the United States military, Memorial Day, is day 1 of what we call the "101 Days of Summer" which is an annual period of 101 days where there are statistically much more higher amounts of accidents and deaths, not caused by war, but rather caused by people making poor decisions or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, that results in accidental deaths, such as due to alcohol abuse, high risk activities such as bungee jumping, drinking and driving, drowning, skydiving, and many other things to do that are high-risk activities.
This period lasts from Memorial Day until Labor Day. After that time period, the statistics of deaths that are non-war related, within the US military, are suicides, unfortunately.

But as a US Military Veteran, Memorial Day does symbolize those who have fought and died within the military under the guise of protecting freedom, among other contexts, some of which are horrible reasons that we go to war in the first place.

I have had many friends die within the military, and I had an uncle who died in Vietnam in 1969.

Both of my parents are veterans, and I can really imagine how my father must've felt when his older brother died.
However that did not stop my father from joining the U.S. Navy for one term, and then the U.S. Army for another term. My mother of which, is a U.S. Army veteran herself who did a one term enlistment.

I myself, am a US Air Force Veteran, of 8 years, and as I have said I have seen unfortunate circumstances that resulted in the deaths of friends of mine due to both the effects of war and also the effects of the activities mentioned above during this period of the 101 days of Summer.

I do hold dear the sacrifices that friends and family have made for the United States, however, I am well aware of false pretenses of war and am not fond of how human lives of friends, family, or colleagues, are used in such a dispensable manner.

I am not trying to be a pessimistic downer, however, I can say this:
Since this summer season is about to kick off, please be safe and responsible no matter what you do.
And if you are within the military, regardless of whatever country serve, please be safe, and please keep the memory of those who served with you or before you, in your mind and heart.

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Sat May 30, '15, 3:18 am 
Saturday, May 30th (tomorrow) is the traditional day that Memorial Day is celebrated by many people. It is one of those holidays where the official date was changed so that people could enjoy a 3 day weekend such as last weekend. (Which makes no sense to me this year as tomorrow is Saturday and a weekend too, but I digress.)

Anyway, I have always remembered that May 30th is the actual Memorial Day as I have an uncle who was born on May 30th. I sometimes wonder if it is harder for some people who were born on a holiday as their birthday and the holiday coincide and seem to be celebrated together (if at all). I guess it would be more difficult having a birthday on a holiday like Christmas though.

Anyway, enjoy the day and weekend and remember those who gave the supreme sacrifice for our freedoms that we enjoy today. :usa:

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Sat May 30, '15, 7:27 am 
Great sales going on.

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Sat May 28, '16, 2:52 am 
Memorial Day is Monday, May 30, 2016. However, the 3 day long holiday weekend has already begun as of today (Friday, May 27).

Enjoy your holiday everyone and take a few minutes to remember why we actually celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.

Remembering all those who have served, and especially those who have given their lives in their service.

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Fri May 26, '17, 12:39 am 
Memorial Day holiday is being celebrated in the USA on Monday, May 29, 2017 this year, but many celebrations are already starting on Friday and will go through the weekend as this is a 3 day holiday weekend, so lots of time for some folks to celebrate, vacation, and honor our fallen heroes.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and remember those that gave their lives so we could have freedom today! : :usa:

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Fri May 26, '17, 11:37 am 
Happy Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend to everyone ! :up:

 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Fri May 25, '18, 2:52 pm 
Memorial Day weekend officially begins on today, Friday, May 25, 2018! :usa:

Memorial Day this year is being officially observed on Monday, May 28, 2018! :usa:

As always the traditional day for Memorial Day is May 30, 2018! :usa:

Enjoy your holiday, and as always, remember those who gave their lives in service to their country that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today! :usa:

We thank them all and honor them on each and every day but especially on this day set aside to remember them! :usa:

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 Post subject: Re: Memorial Day
PostPosted: Wed May 30, '18, 12:14 pm 
Very very late but I hope it was a very happy Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend for everyone!

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