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PostPosted: Thu May 6, '10, 8:22 pm 
A new feature has been made available in the Galleries section. This feature is Member Galleries, which makes it easier to find Galleries images submitted by a specific member. Recent submissions are also viewable in the community profile of contributing members.

Since Kaloes has a lot of fan art submissions, I'm going to use him as an example. ;) Have a look at his community profile here: kaloes-vp21.html

You'll see the new Recent Gallery Images block at the bottom, with "View More Images" being a link to the Kaloes Member Gallery page. I also improved the display of the Friends List in profiles, too.

Member Galleries can also be accessed from within Gallery image pages. Click one of the images in Kaloes' profile and you'll see a "View More From Kaloes" link below the image.

PostPosted: Thu May 6, '10, 9:13 pm 
It all looks very good, Thoul. :)

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