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PostPosted: Wed Sep 3, '08, 7:54 pm 
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Rune_Walsh wrote:The latter, definitely... but he looked the part. ;)

Oh, completely!

Rune_Walsh wrote: I wondered about his outift. Why did Kyra not recognize that Rune was a higher esper? Rune's style of dress was very formal, I think, and gave off the impression that he was a character of importance. Just my wonderings, anyway...

With regard to Kyra, I think the scene at the entrance to the Inner Sanctuary is quite revealing. The guards won’t let Kyra through until Rune intervenes and instructs them to do so. This arouses Chaz’s suspicion and he gasps: “Rune?”

Kyra, however, does not appear particularly surprised by this. She remains completely unfazed as Rune tells the others about the Inner Sanctuary and Lutz’s room. When Rune explains that Lutz is no longer of this world, she protests: “Besides, we are all believers, aren’t we?”

I suspect the “we” in this case refers to both herself and Rune. The overall impression from these scenes is that Kyra does realise that Rune is one of her fellow Espers, and possibly quite a senior figure, on whose authority she can enter the Inner Sanctuary. Since they do not appear to have any prior acquaintance, she must have come to her conclusions based on his attire, general demeanour, and possibly his magic repertoire, if she witnessed him fighting the Carnivorous Trees. It may be customary for some Espers to be away from the Mansion for extended periods, and she presumes that Rune is one of them. What she doesn't suspect is just how senior he really is... :wink:

Incidentally, the fact that Kyra and Rune never got to know each other as children, or trained together, suggests to me that their age-gap must be quite significant.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 3, '08, 8:10 pm 
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newsblade wrote:This is probably wrong, but at least I can show +/- my idea of ages in PSIV

There is no “right” or “wrong” in any instance where the game itself is not explicit. :wink:

Rune’s and Alys’s ages were deliberately blanked out by the programmers to allow scope for individual interpretation (and potentially, to encourage precisely this type of debate). The wide variations in the outward manifestations of age allow us considerable leeway in defining their characters.

I envision Alys’s history with Rune as an intense, protracted, and passionate relationship between two adults, which creates a bond that persists for many years (albeit attended, in Alys’s case, with a degree of sadness and even bitterness). Neither puppy love nor teenage friendships of a few years' duration typically create that type of bond (although there are obviously exceptions). But my interpretation will necessarily be influenced by own experiences and is just as subjective as anyone else's. :)

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, '17, 9:24 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Interesting posts above regarding Seth and his looks, etc.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, '17, 1:50 am 
Seth: Hello, there! I'm Seth! Pleased to meet y'all!
Chaz: Heya! I'm Chaz Ashley and these are my pals, Rika and Wren! And that guy in the distance giving you the stink-eye is the biggest jerk who ever jerked around Algo, Rune. I don't think he likes me.
Rune: (from God knows where) I don't.
Chaz: =(
Seth: Well, I like ya! Come, Chaz, let's explore Soldier's Temple together and I'll totally make sure none of the traps crush you like a locusta, or tear your intestines out through your eyeholes, or age you a couple thousand years in seconds, or some other horrible stuff!
Chaz: Yay!

Rune: (grumble mumble chant) C'mon, shake his hand, damn it.
Rika: Rune? Are you okay?
Wren: Those chants and somatic gestures resemble those you use to cast the Legeon spell...
Rune: I know. I'm waiting for the guy setting off my Lutz Sense to get close to Our Idiot. If I fry 'em both I can use that spell slot for something else.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, '17, 7:39 pm 
SETH : I didn't realize that Nobuo Uematsu was in PSIV ! :rofl:

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