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PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, '14, 7:13 pm 
Which do you prefer...McDonald's burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, etc., or Burger King Burgers, Fries, Onion Rings, etc.?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, '14, 11:48 pm 
If I were a few years (read: one full decade) younger, I would say "or???" in this case.

Problem is, I can't rewrite the reality that I'm four days away from turning thirty, and would kinda prefer to drop about a third of the weight I have now because I am a disgusting fatbody who eats too much Taco Bell I think it'll be healthier for me.

Now that we're past the depressing part of this post, the Legit Answer time! XD

Burger King has much better burgers, fries, and onion rings than McDonald's will ever churn out. (The fact that BK has on their menu board a cheeseburger with two onion rings, barbecue sauce, and zero pickle that only costs ~$1 may bias me towards the King e'er-so-slightly.)

Of course, the preferred burgers of D&D-playing Snorbs everywhere (...all one of them) are Five Guys or White Castle, but those aren't on the menu board. =p

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, '14, 1:05 am 
I do not know about the US and Canada, but here in Mexico I would think that question would be a joke. Even though the marketing or McDonald's is better and traps dumb kids, I do not think anyone would really like their "food" over Burger King's.

The only thing I have liked from McDonald's my whole life are the ice cones and some sliced potatoes (not french fries, but bigger slices). Everything else is simply not good.

Once, a friend from work chose the place for lunch and we had to go to McD. I thought, if anything, I would order a Big Mac. Imagine my surprise when I am given a very small package, inside of which was McD's biggest burger... Not much larger than a cookie.

Now, Burger King has (in my opinion) better ingredients and more choices (even if I could not have it "my way"). The meat tastes better (like real meat) and the burgers are real-life-sized. Bigger, in some cases. I love their onion rings and their crisscut fries.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, '14, 1:25 am 
Neither - I don't do fast food and quite honestly, these joints are actually sort of difficult to find here in Boston. The McDonald's in Central Square basically has tried to disguise itself to blend in better and it seems to do okay. To be honest, if I want a burger or a sandwich, there a lot of places around here where you can get one that's just as fast and way better. Five Guys, Panera Bred, Tasty Burger and In-and-Out Burger are just a few examples.

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