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 Post subject: Fast-Food Protest Strikes
PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, '13, 7:17 am 
Fast Food workers in many places were out on strike today in various parts of the country protesting for better wages, etc. Did anyone see this happening in parts of the country where you live? ... test-wages

While I hope they are able to achieve better wages, etc., I will be very surprised if they achieve the $15 an hour wage they seem to be seeking. That may be setting their sites a little too high, especially for this type of job. I don't know of too many people in the working force that actually make $15 an hour as it is elsewhere. That figures does give plenty of room to negotiate though. :wink:

PostPosted: Fri Dec 6, '13, 9:32 am 
Bumping this topic up as I heard on the radio that many Fast Food workers were also going out on protest walks in regards to this $15 an hour minimum wage thing on Wednesday or Thursday of this current week also. I don't know if anyone in my area participated in this or not. I think everyone would like to be able to get $15 an hour minimum wage, but it will be surprising if it happens anytime soon.

Did anyone see any protests or demonstrations in regards to this in the fast food places in the areas where you live?

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