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 Post subject: Burger King cini minis
PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '18, 12:31 am 
Burger King Cini Minis are back for a limited time: ... s-favorite

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, '18, 12:39 pm 
No Cini Minis for us here alas ! :( Seems to be so great and tasteful ! :o

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, '18, 1:40 am 
I remember my brother and I getting these things nearly every morning before school. My local Burger Kings tended to over-cook them, but when they weren’t burnt, they were tasted good enough. I might try to get a pack for the nostalgia of it.

That being said, I do wish BK didn’t stop selling actual Cinnabon, though. It only lasted only for a year or two, but it was nice when they had it, since I don’t have many Cinnabon bakeries near me anymore (and even then, the ones that are still around are at least a 30-40 minute drive).

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