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PostPosted: Thu Aug 5, '10, 10:50 am
Thanks everybody for the votes!


This is more or less a random story I came up with. It will be a journal of spending time in a random universe that I'll make up as I go, though it will probably be much like our own. If I feel up to it, I may eventually make a second journal which would feature a second person. Maybe it'll be on of the characters in this random universe I created who crosses Matt's path. Who knows.

I think I'll mention that instead of having a "Chapter" it will be called an "Entry" instead, it will then be followed by the date which is Year, Month, Day. Also, I'll update this whenever I feel like, so if you don't get an update for a year, it's either I forgot about this, I'm done with it, or I just don't know what to do. So yeah... >.>

I hope you enjoy reading, Matt's Journal. And please tell me if you want to see more. ^_^

Entry 1: 20xx.08.17

Looking back on my life, I noticed something. I was always a loner. It was in my blood I believe. I was never really popular in elementary school, the kids picked on me. At one point, I even tried to kill myself. Perhaps it was then that I realized I wanted to live. Mom and dad must have realized this when they gave me money to move to Oriam in the apartment building that Aunt Linda owns. It's going to be sad not being able to see Mom, dad and Chelsea much anymore, but the excitement of moving has got to me. I'm finally out, after many years of humiliation. This is the day I finally get out of Gnash, and move to Oriam. Uncle Martin should be here anytime soon.


Well, it's now about 2 or so, I'm currently on my way to Oriam, a simple town about two hours away from Gnash. I'm currently sitting in Uncle's Martin's truck that smells like alcohol. I hope we don't crash. Staring out at the scenery along the way isn't so bad. I saw a lot of interesting things. The lake we passed about fifteen minutes ago was huge. Great, Uncle Martin is making fun of me, I better put this away.


We finally arrived at the apartment at around three. I happened to notice that the apartment isn't in the best shape. If they ever ask me to help them fix up the apartment, I'll probably say yes. I know I don't want to, but I guess that's just the type of person I am. But I highly doubt they'll ever ask me. I'd rather not think about it though.

When I saw Aunt Linda, I was shocked by how old she looked. I know if she ever read this she'd beat me to a pulp. But then again, the last time I ever saw my Aunt and Uncle was back in the first grade. So I supposed it is only natural for people to age. I know I grew up lots since then.


Finally done unpacking. It feels good to relax and refreshing to own my own place. Aunt Linda decided that instead of living with her and Uncle, I should have my own apartment to learn responsibility. She makes it sound like I'm not mature. Oh well, I guess I can just be happy that I have my own place. Sure beats watching Uncle Martin walk around in nothing but his underwear.

Looking at my place right now, it's pretty empty. When my aunt told me there were only two rooms, I expected there to be two bedrooms. But she wasn't kidding, it really only has two rooms altogether, and one was the bathroom. At least it's kind of spacious because it doesn't have much furniture in it. Though it does look like I won't be getting a kitchen table anytime soon. Guess I'll just have to use the counter for now.

Well, it's about ten or so now, so I guess I'll get to sleep and see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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